July 4 Sunday Service
at 5:00 pm
** Live in church and on Zoom**

. . .The freedom of the one
is the freedom of the all,
And the pain of the one
is the pain of the all;
The breath of the one
is the breath of the all, 
And the breath of the all
is the breath of God.
—Melanie Bacon
We are celebrating the 14th Sunday of Ordinary time and America's Independence Day.
Father Teri Harroun will preside with Co-Pastor Dcn Rosean assisting. Lectors are Pedro Engel and Cindy Cloyd. Bill Smith and choir will provide prayerful song.

Here is the service document for you to print to assist with prayer.
Zoom Link via browser: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4315028167
Zoom ID for Zoom App:
  • 431 502 8167
Call-in Audio Only:
  • +1 669 900 6833
Meeting ID:
  • 431 502 8167 #
New Covid guidelines beginning Sunday for indoor worship
  • All requested to wear masks. Increase the church capacity from 50 people to 100, spaced every other pew.
  • Allow Worship leaders to be unmasked for reading and singing.
  • Allow for congregational singing with masks.
  • Additionally, 50 people is the capacity recommendation for fellowship hall.
Implementing ZOOM improvements

Zoom now has the ability to offer closed captioning (live transcript) for those attending services via Zoom. This feature will be enabled for all but gives the attendee the option to turn it off.

Upon joining the zoom service, you will be notified that the live transcript is available and you can opt-in or out at that time. If it is active and you find it distracting, you can turn it off at any time via your meeting controls. Look for this up- arrow, and click on 'Hide Subtitle.'
Let us know what you think _- all feedback appreciated
Schedule of Upcoming Services
July 11th— 5:00 pm in the church
and on Zoom.
 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time. 'Go Out and spread the Word; Disciple by our actions.' Father Michael Nicosia will preside at Mass live in church. Co-Pastor Dcn. Rosean Amaral will assist. This will also be broadcasted live via Zoom for all who wish to join remotely. (Click here to watch live)
July 18th—5:00 pm in the church
and on Zoom. 
16th Sunday in Ordinary Time. 'Be not afraid even thru the storms of life, share your love as I share mine.' Co-Pastor Dcn. Rosean Amaral will preside at this service in the church. This will also be broadcasted live via Zoom for all who wish to join remotely.(Click here to watch live)

July 25th—5:00 pm in the church
and on Zoom.
17th Sunday in Ordinary Time and celebrating The Feast of Mary Magdalene. Co-Pastor Rev. Jane Reina will preside at this service in the church. This will also be broadcasted live via Zoom for all who wish to join remotely.(Click here to watch live)
Mary of Magdala, ECC Announcements
Summer 2021 Edition of the ECC Report
Official News of the Ecumenical Catholic Church

Read in this issue:
  • Mother Kae's ordination to Bishop on Sept 19th.
  • 2020 Synod returns from recess on July 18th
  • 'Town Hall' with Presiding Bishop Francis coming in August
  • Update from the chairs of the House of Pastors (Fr Teri Harroun is now the Co-Chair for the HOP) along with update from the House of Laity

Click here to read the full ECC Report Summer edition
Share Your Time and Talent - Call for Volunteers at Mary of Magdala, ECC

All volunteer positions include training. All that is required is a desire to join with others in the mission of Mary of Magdala, ECC. Many require only once a month commitment.

  • AV Tech - 1x/month at Mass
  • Liturgy Planners - 1x/month, flexible hours
  • Communication Assistant flexible hours to prepare chosen communication.
  • Habitat for Humanity - liaison to 301 Faith Partners team
  • Lectors & Eucharistic ministers - 1x/month
  • Music - practice before service

'We need you! Where are you being called to serve?'
If you have interest or questions, please reach out via email at marymagdalafc@gmail.com or via phone at 970-493-9536

Paid Open Position - Liturgy Coordinator
This position supports the chairs of the liturgy ministries to ensure volunteers are assigned. Flexible hours and may require assisting before or after service. (Prearranged with coordinator.) Part Time - Contractor with per service compensation.
Mary of Magdala Men's Group

The Mary of Magdala Men's Group is back! All are invited to this informal social group - come as you are. They meet every second Thursday at 3 PM. This month they will be toasting our founder, John Nystrom, who said he will be there!!
What: Men's Club
When: Second Thursday at 3:00 pm
Where: This month (July 8) at ...

Mayor of Old Town
632 S Mason St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

All are welcome! Come as you are!
Beyond Pride Month
The Welcoming and Affirming Churches of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion across the Rocky Mountain Region celebrate and support our LGBTQ siblings beyond Pride Month.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay
Image by John Hain from Pixabay
301 Faith Partners Announcements
Nappie Wrap is here! - Sunday, Aug 1st

Inviting all 301 faith partners to join us!
Trinity is hosting a wrap session on Sunday, August 1 at approximately 11 am.

If you would like to add a donation, we are in need of diapers (sizes 4-7), pull ups, GoodNites (overnight diapers), and diaper cream.
Colorado Humanities Presents

Changing the Legacy of Race & Ethnicity: Whites and Racial Justice - July 15, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Plan to join our next conversation. Sign up here to attend. This series is free and will be broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook. Learn more
Prayer Requests
Praying for peace, health and well-being through challenging times

+Ira Robinson, 18 mo. old grand-nephew of Mary Lou Devlin -member - is hospitalized. Please pray for Ira and family.
+Carl Lake, friend of Co-Pastor Jane
+Courtney Shook - daughter of Tom and Jean Christen, member
+Dorothea Grimm - Mother of Rosanna Bateman, member
+Sue Harari - friend of Cathy Engel
+Mary Detweiller - member

+Rob Frank - friend of Kerrie Anderson - member
+Jerry Padilla, father and Ryan Cordova nephew of Lisa Jones - member
+Aidan - grandson of Mother Kae.
+Lauren Roob - friend of Rosanna Bateman

+Liz and Ken Zornes and family, whose daughter is struggling with addiction - friends of Sandra and Dick Life
+Michael Keefe, son of member Yvonne Keefe

In gratitude for all who pray for and with our community.
+Dona Bosse - member
+Rosemary - Fr Michael's mother
+Dani - niece of the Cloyds - members
+Ruth Parker, sister of Dori Carroll
+Joanne Gallagher - member, and for her sister, Dr. Barbara Immroth

+Jim and Lucille Bowen friends of Suzanne King, member
+Leo Sixfather of Michael Six
+Mike Gudim
+Suzanne King - member

For the peaceful repose of souls for those who've passed and comfort for the families.
Adrian - Son of Joe & Ann - friends of
members Cindy and David Cloyd
Mary Crosby - member
Clint Wisdom - brother-in-law of Joan Chapman-Smith
Leon - father of Mother Cynthia

Kristin - daughter of ECC priest Scott Jenkins.
Joan Kneeland - sister-in-law of Bill Kneeland
Rita Ortiz, friend of Deacon Rosean
Margie Weitz - member

Chris Bachman, friend of Lisa Jones
Bob, husband of Joyce Dehaven -
friend of Cathy Engel
David Heyman -member
Service Recordings
Sunday - June 27 - 301 Faith Partners Service

The recording of the 3-church service and homily by Co-Pastor Dcn. Rosean Amaral is available here.
Past Recordings, Bulletins, and Announcements

For all bulletins, reflections, Sunday recordings during, visit our webpage. Please contact us with questions, concerns and ideas for better connection with and for the community - marymagdalafc@gmail.com

Newsletters of Trinity Lutheran Church and the St. Paul's Episcopal  
What are our partners in ministry up to? Go here for the Trinity Lutheran Church monthly newsletter, "Tidings". And here is St Paul's weekly bulletin
Who Are the 301 Faith Partners?
The 301 Faith Partners have a Vision,
Mission and Values statement that guides our relationships, interactions, and shared projects and ministries.
Our Vision – ‘Our guiding Light’
Weaving a tapestry of love, hope and justice for the world.
Read the Vision, Mission, Core Values and Covenant here.