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Week of Sunday, December 13:
Worship & Announcements
MISSION STATEMENT: Celebrating and sharing God’s love in a welcoming community of faith, while serving others.
LAST Call for Christmas Greetings
We are asking for video Christmas greetings to include in a special project. Send a short video of you and your family with a holiday message to Lord of Love members. Clips should be no longer than 15 seconds and wide format is preferred. Click this link for examples:

Please email videos to Chris Rich at by December 13 with “Christmas Video” in the subject line, and include the names of those in the video.
Kid Artists: We want your Christmas pictures!
We need Christmas scene drawings from our Lord of Love kids to use in upcoming videos. Some ideas to get you started: city of Bethlehem, stable with animals, Mary and Joseph by the manger, baby Jesus, angels in the field with the shepherds, grumpy King Herod, wise men following the North star, gifts from the wise men. Be creative! Landscape format preferred. Include your name on the picture, if wanted.

Please drop off completed pictures to the church office by December 13 or email Heather Christensen to arrange pick up (
Virtual Music Project
Hello, Jon Novak here again.
Thanks for your response on the first project for the Psalmody for our Advent worship.
I am inviting everyone from the congregation to participate in our next project - We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Recordings are due by Sunday, December 13 so that all the required editing can be completed. Everything you need to participate is on the Virtual Music Project page of the Lord of Love website. Thanks for your help in making this a joyous Christmas season.

Review the instruction sheet, print the sheet music, and listen to the Learning/Timing Accompaniment track. Jon's instructions provide you with all the information you need to make your own recording.
Sheet music – print this music and sing-a-long
Sing-a-long Track – listen to this music as you sing-a-long on your video

We Transfer is a free file transfer program that provides an easy way to send your recorded music/video to Jon.
Open up a browser on your device and go to We Transfer (
If it is the first time using We Transfer on the device, agree to their use of cookies.
Next type in your email address, Jon’s email (, an optional message, and attach your audio/video file.
Then click the Send button. You will receive an email with a verification code that you use to respond to the We Transfer prompt. That does it. Your file will be on its way to Jon to be included in the Virtual Music Project.

Have any questions? Contact Jon Novak.
Phone: (402) 572-0105
Virtual Coffee Hour: NEW TIME 10 A.M.
Please enjoy the opportunity to join in the Zoom call and chat with your other members.

New Time: 10 a.m.
Connect with your church family at a virtual coffee hour on Sunday mornings, hosted by Dave Lueders.
All members are welcome to join, say hello, and share:
  • updates on your family and coronavirus experiences
  • any special concerns
or CALL 301-715- 8592 and enter Meeting ID: 920 1921 8772
It's easy to participate, just click on the link above. All are welcome.
Hope to see many of you there!
Sunday School
Virtual Sunday School is held each Sunday at 10:30am. If you are interested in participating in virtual Sunday School, please contact Miss Heather at and she will share the link with you.
In-Person Worship Cancelled

Our last in-person worship was November 15. We will continue to provide online worship, which is available via livestream and recording on our Worship Video page, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. We do not anticipate returning to in-person worship until early 2021, depending on significant reductions in the virus test positivity rate and number of new COVID cases.
Third Sunday of Advent - December 13, 2020
Sunday worship livestream (9 a.m.) link:

Access past worship videos from one of these locations:
Serving Today:
Liturgist – Deb Lund
Organist/Pianist – Carol Novak 
Technical Director – Chris Rich
Weekly Readings:
Mon. – 1 Kings 18:1-18
Tues. – 2 Kings 2:9-22
Wed. – Mark 9:9-13

Thurs. – Malachi 3:16-4:6
Fri. Acts 3:17-4:4
Sat. – Psalm 125 
Giving Status
Last Week’s Ongoing Offering: $11,522.00 
This amount is a combination of Electronic Simply Giving, GivePlus+ and Sunday donations (Weekly offering of $6,927 needed to meet budgeted expenses)
You can give either through the GivePlus+ Mobile app on your smartphone or by visiting our website at
When using the GivePlus+ app, be sure to select Lord of Love Lutheran Omaha.
Find out more of the ways you can continue to give while we are not able to gather together in worship by visiting the giving page of our website.
Stewardship: Mind, Body and Spirit, by Joan Witt
“Mind, body and spirit” is one of the seven areas that our Stewardship Team is emphasizing and they have asked me to share some of my thoughts. The Lord has given each of us a precious and miraculous gift of mind, body and spirit. We all need to be good stewards of these gifts so that we can show our love and do as Jesus said to his disciples in John 21 “feed my sheep” and “tend my sheep.” Some of us can be better stewards in these areas.  I know that there are some people who are very good at taking care of others but do not take care of themselves. Also, there are those who are more self-centered and less mindful of others. Or, we might fail to recognize the connection of mind, body and spirit and the importance of stewardship in all of these areas for ourselves and others.

Every day in my nursing career, whether it be with illness or medical treatment and care, I saw the greatness of God’s creation of the human body and mind. Just a glimpse at any patient or textbook indicates the complexity and the magnificence of the body and mind, its functioning and life. Even though it is harder to define and measure, the importance of faith and prayer in healing and comfort for patients, their families, caregivers and myself was very evident.
I have also seen and felt the importance of a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit by learning and teaching Tai Chi at Lord of Love. The essential principle of Tai Chi is to integrate our mind with our body by using slow, controlled movements while using our breathing to create mindfulness and internal energy. Each class helped us to improve our balance and reduce our anxiety and then ended with biblical affirmations. Hopefully, we will be able to resume our classes soon so as to be good stewards of our gifts.

Especially now, with the prevalence of the COVID-19 virus but actually anytime, we all need to take better care of ourselves and others , including those dealing with physical or mental illness and the many dedicated health care workers. Some of the many ways to be good stewards of our mind, body and spirit are to:
  • make wise choices of healthy food and drink in appropriate amounts,
  • exercise daily,
  • maintain proper daily rest,
  • reduce stress,
  • show gratitude and pray. 

As Jesus said, “tend my sheep.”
Financial Commitment Card Reminder
One of the ways you can help Lord of Love Lutheran Church "Feed My Sheep" is to give back what you can financially to God by supporting the Mission of Lord of Love Lutheran Church. We encourage you to consider increasing your financial gift this year as you can help meet the projected needs of all that we do to be the church in today's world. 

This financial commitment is between you and God, but does help in planning for offering receipts. Intent of Giving forms will be included with the November 2020 financial statements. You may also submit commitment cards digitally via the google form:  

We ask that you complete and return your financial commitment card—digitally or using the paper card no later than December 13, 2020, please.
Fellowship and Community
Love Notes
On behalf of my Dad, Ed Guthrie, thank you so much for the gift bag of treats, snacks and cards. My Dad enjoyed opening the cards and will definitely enjoy the treats. The gift bag was very thoughtful and much appreciated. We’re so thankful for our Lord of Love family. – Merry Christmas, Ed Guthrie & Peg Murphy 
Electronic Directory
Updated Electronic Version of Church Directory is available via email. If you would like an updated directory, please send your request to:
Birthdays and Anniversaries
A birthday and anniversary list is included below. Did we miss someone? Please email
God Sightings
Email Pastor Becky or to share your God Sightings with others.
This Week at Lord of Love
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In Our Prayers
Earl Papenhausen, father of Lisa Meyer; Mary Meyer, mother of Ruthie Christensen; Allison Vandeventer, Nick Hronek; Charlotte Ritonya; Stephanie Johnston (daughter of Joyce Madsen); Brandi Brewer (daughter-in-law of Pat & Jesse Brewer); Roland & Carol Bronstad (friends of Judy Egr); Mike Morgan (son of Jim & Jeri Morgan); Ed Guthrie; Jason Combes; Sarge Schuchard; Axton Myers (3 yr old w/cancer – friend of the Lueders); Brian Palmer (grandson of Nancy Shinrock); Sheila Larson; Phil Nickisch (friend of Dave Lueders); Chuck Flansburg (friend of Judy Egr); Donald Egr (uncle of David Egr); Betty Thompson (mother of Beth Olson); Janet Jensen (mother of Dawn Burton); Cindy Moos (friend of Tom and Beth Olson); Vern Nemitz (uncle of Paula Foster); Lucy Klos (sister-in-law of Mike & Christie Klos); Ron & Brenda Thom; Kathy Campina (cousin of Rose Roberts); Stephanie Ulrich (relative of Paula Foster); Roslynn Thom (sister of Ron Thom); Ken Lineweaver (step-dad of Gwen Edwards); Babette Garder (mother of Kenn Garder); Eileen Nagle (mother-in-law of Tara Novak); Olivia Griffin (daughter of Scott and Dana Griffin); Steve Wiitala, (friend of Karen Mullen); Connie Bennett (cousin of Karen Armitage); Don Lueders, Lisa Lueders (brother of Dave Lueders & sister-in-law of Dave Lueders); Caregivers and those who suffer with addictions and depression, those seeking employment, those dealing with infertility or seeking to adopt

Those Who Are Deployed
Jeremy Dolder, family member of the Lueders
Abel Avalos, son of Miguel & Rosie Avalos
Tanner Torosian, grandson of Lorraine Mohrlock
  • Prayers for behind the scenes and front line health care workers.
  • Those living with food insecurity and financial hardship.
  • All of those working from home and homeschooling their children.
  • Children who are missing their teachers, friends and school routine.
Adding Names to the Bulletin Prayer List
Please contact Mary Lou in the church office (402 493 2946) or We need your help to keep our prayer list current. To update or delete names from the prayer list, please notify the Church office.
December Birthdays
01 Sarge Schuchard
02 Eric Quadhamer
05 Shirley Schuchard
09 Barbara Ross
10 Dennis Hindemith
11 Rett Messserschmidt
15 Avah & Evan VanArsdale
16 Gwen Edwards
19 Caitlyn Ulferts
23 Judy Egr
31 Woody Fiske
December Anniversaries
13 Don & Shari Becher
Office Phone: 402.493.2946
Fax: 402.493.3087

The Rev. Rebecca Sells

Office Administrator, Prayer Chain, and Financial Secretary
Mary Lou Gustafson

Director of Faith Formation
Heather Christensen
2020 Church Council
Vision and Coordination:
Brian Lund, President;
Paul Murphy, Vice-President;
Renae Rich, Secretary;
Rett Messerschmidt, Treasurer
Nurture: Rosie Avalos
and Joan Witt
Outreach: Charise Adams
and Matt Willard
Resources: Brandon Zalesky
and Paul Christenson
Worship: Rex Quadhamer
and Shawn Lorenzen