Grace Place Service every Saturday @ 5 pm in the Sanctuary!

Traditional Service every Sunday
@ 9 am in the Sanctuary!

Contemporary Service every Sunday
@ 11:15 am in the Fellowship Hall!

Live-Streaming will be on Facebook as well.
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MASKS: To Wear or Not to Wear, That is the Question...
Concerning Masks During Worship:
As you may have heard, the county mayor did issue an edict calling for people to wear masks in public starting on July 10 running through September 8. This was done in response to the recent spike in new COVID-19 cases. The same edict does say that the mayor cannot command the churches to do this based upon the constitution.

However, as has been the case for us all along as we try to cooperate with the governing authorities that God has placed over us according to Romans 13, the leadership team of the church is asking people who attend worship to wear masks for the sake of both yourself and those worshipping with you.

We do understand there are those who cannot wear masks for various reasons. We are asking those people to please sit up front. Just as the distance between the pastor and the people in the front is great enough that the chances of spreading the virus are reduced significantly, so people sitting on the front row are facing forward into a large space that significantly reduces the chance of spreading the virus.

If we follow these guidelines, everyone is giving a little with the thought of trying to help our neighbors hear about Jesus. We just want everyone to hear the Word, the most important concern of all. We pray that the same love that led our Lord to the cross where he gave up all for us leads each to sacrifice for our neighbor to help them receive the gift of Jesus.
Quick Reference for Online Worship Bulletins
Grace Place @ 5 pm on Saturdays.
(in the Sanctuary)
Live-streamed on Facebook as well.
Traditional Service @ 9 am on Sundays.
(in the Sanctuary)
Live-streamed on Facebook as well.
Contemporary Service @ 11:15 am on Sundays. 
(in the Fellowship Hall)
Live-streamed on Facebook as well.

Communion will be served during the worship services on the following dates:
-Traditional Service: July 5 & 19
-Contemporary Service: July 12 & 26
-Grace Place: Every Saturday

Pull your car around to the designated area. Only 1 car at a time.
Communicants are to bring their own bread and grape wine. Just enough for communion. Please make sure it is grape wine.
 GSLC uses Mogen David Concord Grape.
The pastor will consecrate the elements.
- Every Saturday: 3:00 - 3:45 pm (narthex/front door drop-off)
-Every Sunday: 12:30-1:30 pm (fellowship hall entrance)
To receive the sacrament worthily, a baptized Christian who is able to examine themselves in accord with the Word of God must be able to say yes to the following questions:

  • Am I sorry for my sins and repent of them intending to amend my sinful life?

  • Do I believe that Jesus died for my sins and forgives me?

  • Do I believe I am receiving the true body and blood of Jesus under the bread and wine for the forgiveness of my sins?
Weekly Need: $7,764
6/7: $6,337
6/21: $9,548
6/28: $6,346

You can also mail in your tithes.
Deposits are made when possible.
Fiscal YTD as of June 30, 2020
Offerings:  $452,106
Expenses:  $423,195
There are several ways you can give!
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Bible Study with Pastor Rosser @ 3:45- 4:35 pm before the Grace Place service.

Bible Study with Paul Henze OR Skip & Karin Hubby* @ 10 am after Traditional Service. *Skip will be starting a new study on Sunday 28th June called "Unshakeable Hope" by Max Lucado.
JOIN US!! Crossways! Class meets @ 2 pm on Sundays.

Bible Study with Pastor Sheets @ 10:30 am.
from Lutheran Hour Ministries! LHM LEARN. FREE!!
OF CHILDREN AGES PreK4 - 4th Grade!
The members of the Board of Christian Education have been talking regularly during this pandemic. We feel, as a group, it is in the best interest of all that we NOT have Vacation Bible School this summer.

We have also discussed when W.O.W. (Worship on Wednesdays) and Children's Church as well as Children's Sunday School will be reintroduced. As of July 12, we have NOT decided on a date yet. However, we NEED VOLUNTEERS to lead Children's Sunday School and W.O.W. groups when these begin!!

Please contact Wendy Wade for more info or to sign-up to volunteer.
Call/Text: 423-421-1487 or Email:
Theme: Jacob's Dream about a Ladder
Scripture:  Genesis 28:16
--Just a reminder--
Verbal requests during church services are not placed on the prayer list unless Beth, the church secretary, is notified of the prayer request by a written note, an email (click button above), or phone call (423-629-4661).

Also, any prayer requests left on Beth's desk in the church office will not go on the list until the next week since she is not in the office on Mondays.
Weekly email prayer chain goes out on MONDAY MORNINGS .
If you have a prayer request, let us know before Monday by clicking the Prayer Requests button below!
You are invited to a special gathering
to honor Harold (Slug) Clemmons

Gerald Lee Clemmons and Connie Clemmons Goethel are hosting an open house on  Saturday July 18th 
at the Holiday Inn Express
located at 1441 N. Smith St in East Ridge 37412.

The time is 4pm - 6pm. 
We are honoring Harold W. ( Slug ) Clemmons who passed away on June 27th. We invite all who are interested in talking about our memories and the good times we all had with Slug. He may have lost his battle to cancer, but he still lives in our hearts.   Light refreshments will be served and there will be many pictures from Slug's younger years. Please join us, and his wife Terrell, as we remember this remarkable man.
Thanks so much for the calls, texts, emails, and cards during Jeff’s recent illness. He is feeling much better – thanks be to the Lord. We are blessed to have such loving brothers and sisters in Christ. You truly model Christ’s love and we appreciate it so much! Jeff & Carla Stutz
Thank you to everyone who helped with, attended, or sent gifts/cards to the recent bridal shower for Chelsea Skidmore! She was very grateful for everything, and so are we!  God bless you all! Kevin and Ann Skidmore
Update from Rachel Meyer in Uganda
Download her June Newsletter here!
Update from Pastor Josh @ Bridge City Community Church

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