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Announcements - March 21, 2020
MISSION STATEMENT : Celebrating and sharing God’s love in a welcoming community of faith, while serving others.
What's New
Worship Services Now Online
Wednesday night March 18 worship:
Pastor Becky's Sunday March 15 message:
Worship videos can be viewed from these Lord of Love online locations:
The newest video for Sunday morning worship to be posted by 8AM on Sunday.
Loads of Love - April 4th - Still Happening!
This event serves those with continuing and possibly expanded needs for additional support at this time. For this event:
• We will bag the items to be provided for each family. There will be as many bags as we have items for (target is around 100). Each bag to contain: 4 pack of toilet paper, one roll of paper towels, one tube of toothpaste, enough toothbrushes for each family member, one deodorant, one bar of soap, shampoo/conditioner combination, and one laundry soap. There is a limited number of diapers, wipes, and feminine hygiene products on hand as well.
• We will hand a bag to people in their car (not in the church building)
• We will track of the number of participants, families, and number in each family that we are serving
Items for this event were ordered before March 15th.
God Sighting
Julie Concannon had been working on making 100 handmade soap bags for Loads of Love. She had already purchased 100 bars of soap and wanted to know if we could still use them for Loads of Love in light of the ever-changing situation. Paula Foster and Kathy Christiansen were both so excited to hear this. They hadn't ordered bars of soap yet and loved the personal touch this would add to the bags.
This was their God-sighting and was needed now more than ever for people. Thanks Julie!
Sunday, March 15
Weekly Offering: $5401.50
This amount is a combination of Electronic Simply Giving and Sunday donations, 
Weekly offering needed to meet budget: $6,927
The following accounts have been added to GivePlus+:
  • Lenten Offering
  • Easter Offering. 
You may give to these two additional offering options during this Lenten and Easter Season by using the GivePlus+ Mobile app on your smartphone or by visiting our website at
This website page has more information about other ways you can continue to give while we are not able to gather together in worship.
Weekly Readings:
Monday – Isaiah 59: 9-19
Tuesday – – Isaiah 42:14-21
Wednesday. – Matthew 9:27-34
Thursday – Isaiah 60:17-22
Friday- Acts 9:1-20
Saturday. – Psalm 146:3-9
Love Notes
Hospitalization: Please contact the church office if you or a family member are hospitalized and desire a pastoral visit.
If you have an emergency outside of office hours you may call Pastor Becky on her cell phone (see the church directory). 

Pastor Becky's day off is Monday.
Prayer Updates
Peg Murphy( for Janet Guthrie)-Thanks everyone for your prayers while Janet was in the hospital on Monday-Wednesday receiving treatments and says they helped everyone get through the last few days, and are so thankful! All went okay, and Janet and Ed are now safely back in their assisted living apartment. 

Alexis Hronek (Allison Vandeventer's daughter) had new ear tubes put into place and adenoids taken out on Wednesday. That afternoon, Children's Hospital stopped doing elective surgeries like this. With this in place, it would have been months before they could get it done. The family is so thankful she was able to get in and get it done now.

How are you and your family doing?
This is a stressful time for everyone. Even as we are kept apart by social distancing, it is important that we keep connecting with and praying for each other. We lift up all of our members and neighbors in prayer for safety and health. May God's peace be with us all.
In Our Prayers
Phil Nickisch (friend of Dave Lueders); Patty Adams (mother-in-law of Charise Adams); Stephanie Flansburg (friend of Judy Egr); Donald Egr (uncle of David Egr); Katie (niece of Mary Lou Gustafson); Ron Salak; Jim Edwards (uncle of John Edwards); Betty Thompson (mother of Beth Olson); Janet Jensen (mother of Dawn Burton); Cindy Moos (friend of Tom and Beth Olson); Vern Nemitz (uncle of Paula Foster); Mardi Fiske; Lucy Klos (sister-in-law of Mike & Christie Klos); Bill Todd (husband of Pam Todd); Kate Boarts (mother of David & grandmother of Chris Boarts); Ron & Brenda Thom; Kathy Campina (cousin of Rose Roberts); Stephanie Ulrich (relative of Paula Foster); Janet Baker; Bill Pickens; Roslynn Thom (sister of Ron Thom); Sarge Schuchard; Ken Lineweaver (step-dad of Gwen Edwards); Jason Combes; Ed & Janet Guthrie; Babette Garder (mother of Kenn Garder); Eileen Nagle (mother-in-law of Tara Novak); David Hojnacke (neighbor of the Armitage family); Pr. Joe Hernandez – Missionary in the Middle East (cousin of David & Chris Boarts); Nancy Shinrock; Olivia Griffin (daughter of Scott and Dana Griffin); Steve Wiitala, (friend of Karen Mullen); Connie Bennett (cousin of Karen Armitage); Don Lueders, Lisa Lueders ((brother of Dave Lueders & sister-in-law of Dave Lueders); Caregivers and those who suffer with addictions and depression, those seeking employment, those dealing with infertility or seeking to adopt.
Those Who Mourn
The family and friends of Alan Meyer, uncle of Todd Meyer
The family and friends of Larry Czapla
The family and friends of Dorothy Riley, aunt of Paula Foster
Those Who Are Deployed
Abel Avalos, son of Miguel & Rosie Avalos
Tanner Torosian, grandson of Lorraine Mohrlock
Adding Names to the Bulletin Prayer List
Please contact Mary Lou in the church office (493 2946) or

We need your help to keep our prayer list current.
To update or delete names from the prayer list, please notify the Church office.
Feedback & Submissions
Submit notices for thes announcements by Wednesday of each week to the office at:
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Office Phone: 402.493.2946
Fax: 402.493.3087

The Rev. Rebecca Sells

Office Administrator, Prayer Chain, and Financial Secretary
Mary Lou Gustafson

Co-Director of Faith Formation
Heather Christensen
2020 Church Council
Vision and Coordination:
 Brian Lund, President; Paul Murphy, Vice-President;
Renae Rich, Secretary;
Rett Messerschmidt, Treasurer
Nurture: Rosie Avalos
and Joan Witt
Outreach: Charise Adams
and Matt Willard
Resources: Brandon Zalesky
and Paul Christenson
Worship : Rex Quadhamer
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