Regional Synod Reports and Business
Taking Place via Zoom in October

The Regional Synod of Albany Executive Committee voted not to reschedule the postponed annual assembly from May 2, 2020. Originally, ASEC hoped to be able to reschedule the assembly for sometime in October but, following the GSC's decision about General Synod and the ongoing rise in COVID-19 cases in our area, made the decision to cancel the synod assembly.

In lieu of the business meeting, the synod delegates, and others who are interested, will be invited to participate in a conversation about the reports that would have been received at the annual assembly. This event will take place by Zoom on October 17, 2020 and will be held from 9:00am to 12:00pm. Please watch the Albany Synod website for the posting of the reports. The ASEC will hold a special meeting in September to consider committee and board membership changes, the 2021 budget, the 2021 assessments and other matters requiring immediate attention. Please join us on October 17 for review and conversation about the synod's many ministries as outlined in the reports.

Albany Synod School of Ministry Fall 2020

This fall the School of Ministry will be offering Biblical Exegesis taught by Rev. Steven Rodriquez. This class is open to all and is a required for those seeking to become commissioned preaching elders.This course will introduce the theory and practice of biblical interpretation.
Every week the session will include three components:
1. Discussion of course readings on biblical interpretation
2. Analysis of representative readings from church history and contemporary biblical studies
3. Practical exegesis “labs" on particular passages of scripture, where the students will test drive the tools of interpretation that they are learning.

Rev. Steven Rodriguez is the pastor of Lakeview Community Church, in Greece, New York, just outside of Rochester. Prior to this, he was the pastor of worship arts at Pillar Church (RCA/CRC) in Holland, Michigan. He is married to Joanna and they have three children: Cædmon, Esther, and Immanuel. Pastor Steven is passionate about doing theology as a pastor in the local church. In his spare time, Steven enjoys photography, writing, and teaching literature at the homeschool co-op that his family attends. Rev. Rodriquez also serves on the Albany Synod School of Ministry Board.

The Biblical Exegesis course begins September 16 and concludes November 11 from 7 PM to 10 PM via Zoom videoconferencing. Registration and payment ($300) are requested by September 7. For full registration information contact: Sandy Cornwell, School of Ministry Administrator at

Have you Signed Up Yet
for Churches Learning Change?

Need a place to process all of the change you've been living? Leaders involved with CLC are expressing repeatedly how grateful they are for CLC, especially during pandemic times. The next round of Churches Learning Change IS technically beginning this fall, and we are extending the sign on deadline to December 1.

Know that you want to participate? Sign on now!
Contact Ali at OR

Not sure?
  • Check out
  • Have a conversation with Sherri Meyer-Veen, Abby Norton-Levering, Mike Meyer-Veen, Megan Hodgin, Greg Town, or Edie Lenz. They'd be happy to speak with you and/or your leadership team.
  • Jump into a Faithwalking course this fall and give it a try. Faithwalking is a part of the Churches Learning Change process, and Faithwalking 101 is retreat #1 for Churches learning change.
Any individual, regardless of CLC participation, is welcome to Faithwalking 101 or Faithwalking Foundations Module 1. If your church chooses to join CLC later, you can credit the fees that you pay for the retreat toward your first CLC payment.

Fall opportunities for Faithwalking include three Faithwalking 101 in-person retreats (tentatively moving forward with precautions) and three Faithwalking Foundations options. For more info and to register, go to
SMB Grants Can Help

As the church considers when, how, and if regathering in person for worship is safe, you may need things to do so. The Synod Ministries Board offers grants for up to $1000 for new endeavors in Revitalization, Discipleship, and Mission. As the practical and physical considerations of ministry change, you are invited to apply for grant support.

The process is easy.
  1. Check out the application. It's on the website in two forms.
  2. Work with your committee or consistory to answer all the questions.
  3. Get approval for this grant from your consistory and your classis. If you don't know what the process of approval is for your classis, check with your clerk. This double endorsement for the grant request is in keeping with our polity in how churches communicate with the Regional Synod.
  4. Send the completed grant requisition to This happens when you hit "submit" on the Google Doc and no further action is necessary. If you're using the downloaded form from the website, simply scan (or photograph) the completed pages and email them as at attachment.
  5. Your grant will then be considered by a small committee of SMB members. They read every grant, discuss, ask questions, get clarification, and ultimately approve the request. We want to disperse grant money.
  6. The approved grant gets emailed to Bob Hoffman, Administrator for the Regional Synod. He writes a check and the Ali Stone, our Bookkeeper and Office Manager extraordinaire puts that check in the mail to you. Once a grant is submitted, the approval process ideally takes about two weeks.

Already have an idea that just needs a little funding boost?