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MASKS: To Wear or Not to Wear, That is the Question...
Concerning Masks During Worship:
As you may have heard, the county mayor did issue an edict calling for people to wear masks in public starting on July 10 running through September 8. This was done in response to the recent spike in new COVID-19 cases. The same edict does say that the mayor cannot command the churches to do this based upon the constitution.

However, as has been the case for us all along as we try to cooperate with the governing authorities that God has placed over us according to Romans 13, the leadership team of the church is asking people who attend worship to wear masks for the sake of both yourself and those worshipping with you.

We do understand there are those who cannot wear masks for various reasons. We are asking those people to please sit up front. Just as the distance between the pastor and the people in the front is great enough that the chances of spreading the virus are reduced significantly, so people sitting on the front row are facing forward into a large space that significantly reduces the chance of spreading the virus.

If we follow these guidelines, everyone is giving a little with the thought of trying to help our neighbors hear about Jesus. We just want everyone to hear the Word, the most important concern of all. We pray that the same love that led our Lord to the cross where he gave up all for us leads each to sacrifice for our neighbor to help them receive the gift of Jesus.

Communion will be served during the worship services on the following dates:
-Traditional Service: Aug. 2 & 16 & 30
-Contemporary Service: Aug. 9 & 23
-Grace Place: Every Saturday

Pull your car around to the designated area. Only 1 car at a time.
Communicants are to bring their own bread and grape wine. Just enough for communion. Please make sure it is grape wine.
GSLC uses Mogen David Concord Grape.
The pastor will consecrate the elements.
-Every Saturday: 3:00 - 3:45 pm (narthex/front door drop-off)
-Every Sunday: 12:30-1:30 pm (fellowship hall entrance)
To receive the sacrament worthily, a baptized Christian who is able to examine themselves in accord with the Word of God must be able to say yes to the following questions:

  • Am I sorry for my sins and repent of them intending to amend my sinful life?

  • Do I believe that Jesus died for my sins and forgives me?

  • Do I believe I am receiving the true body and blood of Jesus under the bread and wine for the forgiveness of my sins?
Weekly Need: $7,764
8/2: $10,556
8/9: $10,033
8/16: $9,828

You can mail in your tithes to 822 Belvoir Ave., Chatt. TN 37412 or give online. Deposits are made when possible.
Fiscal YTD as of July 31, 2020
Offerings: $49,495
Expenses: $40,367
There are several ways you can give online!
Click the button below!
Bible Study with Pastor Rosser @ 3:45- 4:35 pm before the Grace Place service in the sanctuary.

Bible Study with Paul Henze @ 10 am
New Member Class with Pastor Sheets @ 10 am
Crossways! Class meets @ 2 pm

Bible Study with Pastor Sheets @ 10:30 am.
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Theme: Baby Moses by the River
Scripture: Genesis
OF CHILDREN AGES PreK4 - 4th Grade!
The members of the Board of Christian Education have been talking regularly during this pandemic. We have discussed when W.O.W. (Worship on Wednesdays) and Children's Church as well as Children's Sunday School will be reintroduced. We have NOT decided on a date yet.
WE NEED VOLUNTEERS to lead Children's Sunday School and W.O.W. groups when these begin!!

Please contact Wendy Wade for more info or to sign-up to volunteer.
Call/Text: 423-421-1487 or Email:
We will again be preparing
breakfast for the homeless
on Sunday, August 30th
immediately after the late service. 
(Around 12:30 pm)

We are doing this every other Sunday for the time being. 

It takes 4-5 people to
prepare breakfast sandwiches
for 150 people. 

Help us by donating items for the Chattanooga Community Kitchen.

The needs list for the Community Kitchen for August include: 
Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Paper or Cloth Masks, Disinfectant Spray, Paper Lunch Bags.

Ongoing needs include: Individual Fruit Cups, Small Canned Items that you would take camping or hiking, such as Pork & Beans, Beanee Weenee, Vienna Sausage, Cheese & Crackers. Bottled water is always a need.  
Can't attend? That's okay. You can donate to our Homeless/Outreach Ministry online!
Click the box to donate online OR you can send a check to: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church,
822 Belvoir Ave., Chatt., TN 37412. Put Homeless Ministry in the memo line.
If you have any questions about any of our homeless ministries,
please contact Debi Cate, or call/text 423.488.9710.
--Just a reminder--
Verbal requests during church services are not placed on the prayer list unless the church secretary, is notified of the prayer request by a written note, an email (click button above), or phone call (423-629-4661).
Weekly email prayer chain goes out with the announcements on FRIDAYS. If you have a prayer request, let us know by Thursday.
Click the Prayer Requests button below to send your prayer request.

NEW: Prayers for Chelsea Skidmore & Scotty Carroll- Chelsea & Scotty will be getting married on Aug. 29. Barbara Dautrich- healing; in hospital, heart valve replacement. Laura Polley & Family- Her mom, Barbara, passed away.

SHORT-TERM: Mary Dallmann & Family, Suzan Marsh & Family, Daryl Beam & Family and his mother Nancy, Jacy Ruud, Karin Hubby, Chris Futrell, Cathy Hettler, Shirley Berry, Kevin Skidmore, Theresa Johnson

LONG-TERM: Katie Abercrombie, Rick & Karen Brines and Kaitlin, Joanne Brownlee, Makala Bumgarner, Debi Cate, Karen Colbert, Hope Crawford, Kay Dintsch, Bertie Fann, Joan Hearn, Pattie Henze, Desiree Humphrey, Leona Hunter, Penny Jordan, Mark Lumpkin, Dave Mietzner, Doris Morris, River Polley, Bob & Roberta Robinson, Myra Steele, Bob Twomey,

OUR HOMEBOUND: Sheila Arnold, Sandy & Wayne Babb, Gloria Bevill, Connie Foster, Arlene Feinauer, Betty Frischmann, Bob & Sara Newman, Hilda Ramsey, Virginia Smith, Jane Williamson

PRAYERS FOR OUR COLLEGE STUDENTS: Adam, Andrew, Alex, Brenley, Brogen, Chloe, Christopher, Cole, Edna, Evan, Grayson, Jackson, Jacob, Kaitlynn, Kirsten, Lexie, Mary Catherine, Megan, Miranda, Sara, Sophie, Tabitha, Taylor, Tyler

NEW: Carol- (Diane Kerr's sister) healing; surgery. Isolde Loew- (Lis Schaefer's sister-in-law) Hospice care, Gary Avans- healing; was in a bad motorcycle accident, Tracy French- healing; bad motorcycle crash, in ICU. Claire Oakes & daughter, Jeanette Davis- Claire has been in hospital ICU for over a month; needs healing from serious illness and is waiting for surgery.

SHORT-TERM: Ken, Sue Hundt, Duane Mann, Lindsey Kyle

LONG-TERM: Bud Adkins, Melissa & Jeff Austin, Linda Baldwin, Joanne Barney, Jeanie Buckingham, Bernice Celick, Carl Charlton, Samuel Charlton, Sharon Coleman, Devin, Karen Diehm, Lee Ewton, Rhonda Gilliland, Lee Hane, Beth Ann Johnson & her family, Jerry & Nancy Lee, Bethany M., Kim Morris, Ryan Satterfield & his family, Corinne Sheets, Melanie Skelton, Diane Smith, Myra Slaten, Kaitlynn Suyak, Arnold Torkelson

NEW: Ron J.- healing, Sandra J.- in ICU, needs healing, Isaiah Jones- 18 yr old in hospital from covid-19, Family of Chipper Lee Mixon- 10 mo. old baby that passed away suddenly & unexpectedly, Matthew McGraw- healing; cancer, Family of Kelly Paul, Tom Morton, Fontaine P.- healing; in ICU.

SHORT-TERM: Leslie and Terry, Family of Maxine Bell including son, George, Sheila Pruehs & Family, Sherry Elmes, Praise from Vickie T., Family & Friends of Danet Egan

LONG-TERM: Michael Armbruster, Mary Baba, Kyle Baker & Family, Janet Bean, Susan Bettinger, John Brown, Joyce C. & Family, Celeste Caroland, Harold Cash, Rob Chadwick, Cherry, Elizabeth Deal, Hazel Dorsey, Jerry Gann, Charles Geter, Donna Gobert, Leslie A.H., Kerwin Hetzler, Michelle Iffert, Patricia K., Bob Kennedy, Werner Kierschberg, Barney Larry, Vicki Leibeck-Owsley, Lindsey, Jim Lopko, Phil M., Maria Martinez, Dean Matthew, Ricky McConnell, Melissa, Christina Miller, Kevin O’Brien, Dewayne Rose, Amy Rossi, Betty S., Gene S., Phil & Carol S., Marlene Schiavon, Jan Stutzman, Eddie Tallent, Bob & Linda Thompson, Trish, Olivia Weatherford, Carolyn White

All teachers getting ready for the new school year, All those in active duty dealing with the current violence and protests,etc. Our Pastors, All those who are homeless. All marriages & families. All those unemployed. All those battling addictions. All those persecuted. All those actively serving in the Military–Wes Morris, Matthew George, Corey Brown, Christian Warnock. Israel & our Political Leaders. Missionaries around the world- Rachel Meyer in Uganda. Josh Woodrow– Bridge City Church. All unspoken prayers in our hearts. 
GSLC "Live" Calendar
This is an active calendar that is updated 2-3 times a week. Check on it often to stay up to date.
BCA Helping Others - In an effort to help our BCA families who have been financially affected by the virus, our Parent-Teacher League President and music teacher, Dr. Sarah Harr, has started a Go Fund Me page to benefit our BCA families who may need financial help during this time. If you would like to donate to the fund, please visit
LCMS Mid-South District News
Update from Rachel Meyer in Uganda
Update from Pastor Josh @ Bridge City Community Church

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