Services and events this week
Friday, January 15, 8 pm 
Friday Night Services: Current Events Sermon
Join our community for spirited and lively participatory services. Each service includes elements of singing, storytelling, and conversation with the community. 

Marilyn Davidoff and her family will be sponsoring Oneg Shabbat in honor of the yahrtzeit of her husband, Steven Davidoff z"l. Memories of Steve will also be offered during the service. Please help us ensure a strong minyan for this important occasion.  

Saturday, January 16, 

A Schtickale of Schnapps, Shabbos and Yiddishkeit, 9 am
A monthly program to learn more about Jewish tradition, religion, and history while having an early morning sip of schnapps (optional). The hour long (beginning at 11 am) program runs in lieu of services when preceded by Tot Shabbat (beginning at 10 am).  This program is designed for ALL members of Beth Mordecai, but especially for those who are more interested in learning and talking about all things Jewish.

This month's topic: Rabbi said...WHAT!?! Explore the teachings of 19th-20th Century Morrocan Rabbi Yosef Messas who allowed non-Shabbat observant butchers to sell kosher meat, and who relates stories of women teaching Torah to rabbis. His insights will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Tot Shabbat, 10 am
A FREE program run by Nessa Madison, an accredited teacher, and Rabbi Saks, designed for children ages 2-5 years old, with siblings and children of all ages welcome. Celebrate Shabbat through this fun and interactive service with songs, story time, an activity or craft (Shabbat friendly of course!), and a kiddie kiddush.

This month at Tot Shabbat, we will be learning about and celebrating Tu Bishvat, the new year for trees! We will sing upbeat tree and nature related songs, read fun stories about how Tu Bishvat is celebrated, play our 3 of these things game, create our own "flower" bouquets and trees as a craft, and make yummy snack trees to eat!

T uesday, January 19, 3:30-4:30 pm
Veterans Home Visit
NJ Veterans Home and Hospital in Menlo Park
J oin Rabbi Saks, the Caring Committee, and other members of your Jewish Home for the Soul to help care for the souls of Jewish veterans every other Tuesday afternoon. 

This week we will be having a communal conversation with all of the residents at the Veterans Home about the meanings and teachings of Judaism.

Contact Sherry Weber (; 908-756- 7854) if you are interested in participating.  

Wednesday, Janauary 20, 12-1 pm
Ask the Rabbi
Menlo Park Mall Food Court (between Chik-fil-a and Panera)
Have a question? Have a seat! Bring your lunch and ask the rabbi ANY question you'd like...seriously :) First person to come will get a FREE drink from the rabbi.

Upcoming events
Friday, January 22, 8 pm 
Friday Night Services
J oin our community for spirited and lively participatory services. Each service includes elements of singing, storytelling, and conversation with the community.

Contact Jeremy Strauss ( if interested in sponsoring Oneg Shabbat.

Saturday, January 23, 10 am
Saturday Morning Services 
Traditional, egalitarian, and informative services will connect participants to our tradition while engaging them actively in the service. We are open to all. 

Contact Rabbi Saks if interested in sponsoring kiddush.

Save the date!
Friday, January 29 to Sunday January 31
Our NEXT Shabbatapalooza. 
Don't come for just one, come for MORE!

Friday, January 29 -- White Out Friday Night + Potluck Dinner
Our memorable Friday night singing and learning experience is back as we come together in Shabbat white to celebrate our tradition and our community. Stay for a delicious potluck Shabbat dinner! (Sign up for Shabbat dinner in our Facebook group).

Saturday, January 30, 10 am -- Video Service!
Shabbat experience! Be inspired by beautiful Jewish images and song in this one ofa  kind Shabbat VIDEO Service experience! More details to come in our forthcoming bulletin. A delicious kiddush lunch to follow.

Saturday, January 30, end of Shabbat
Come together for a beautiful end of Shabbat Havdallah experience followed by a GROUP BOWLING NIGHT at Woodbridge Bowling. RSVP TO Rabbi Saks if interested.

Sunday, January 31 -- Brunch program!
Come to the first of four brunch hours where we learn from
great teachers on the four pillars of our community:
Belonging, Tradition, Faith, and Shabbat.

The morning begins at 9:30am with a tefillin service. Feel the
power of the ancient tradition of "laying" (wearing) tefillin. 
Men and women are both encouraged to participate.
At 10:30, over a tasty brunch, we will explore the world of
Israeli innovation in the field of technology, learning about
what makes Israel such a technical powerhouse. Brunch will
be followed by a communal experience of one of Israel's
most original and innovative "technologies": Israeli dance.

Sponsorships available. RSVP to Rabbi Saks.