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January-February 2020
Interdisciplinary Visits Spark New Ideas
Support for short-term visits to NIMBioS have enabled researchers to build on work from previous activities at NIMBioS or to begin new research inquiries. Read on for highlights.
Buzz Pollinators
Undergraduate students from last year's Summer Research Experience returned to NIMBioS to finalize their manuscript on the impact of climate change on environmental suitability of selected North American buzz pollinators.
Environmental Management
A subset of researchers from the Ecosystem Federalism Working Group finalized research efforts on the role of species dispersal in policy questions around pollution control and environmental management.
Plant Stressors
A group is developing a mathematical model to study the sustainability of plant species subject to several endogenous stressors, including virus co-infection, harvesting and fragmentation.
NIMBioS has more than a decade of success in providing the kind of environment and support for scientific collaboration that produces results. We support visits of up to one week for groups of one to six people working on projects that conform to the NIMBioS mission to foster interdisciplinary collaborations, research and education at the interface of the quantitative and life sciences. Visits must be concluded by August 2020. Apply online today!
Pub Highlight
Quantitative Skills in Community College
Over half of community college students are referred to remedial math courses, and yet many pursue careers in health sciences or biotechnology, which require quantitative skills. A new study in CBE—Life Sciences Education from the NIMBioS Working Group on Quant Bio@Community College examines the challenges and opportunities faced by these students and offers recommendations for teaching quantitative skills in community college biology.
Upcoming Webinar
Quantitative Education in Life Science Graduate Programs
This webinar discusses background information for the upcoming NIMBioS/SCMB Investigative Workshop on Quantitative Education in Life Science Graduate Programs. It will summarize efforts at the undergraduate level to enhance quantitative life science education and discuss quantitative backgrounds of entering life science graduate students.

When: 2 p.m. EST, March 3, 2020

Who Should Register: Workshop participants and anyone interested in quantitative education in life science graduate programs

Online Registration URL:

Unable to attend live? Register at the link above, and you will be emailed a recording of the webinar. 
Workshop Report
Mathematics of Gun Violence
Encouraging further research to help curb the spread of gun violence, a major public health threat in the US, has been fostered through the NIMBioS/DySoC Investigative Workshop on the Mathematics of Gun Violence. A full report on the gathering was recently posted on the Workshop website, and the activities were recently described in an article, “The Mathematics Underlying Gun Violence,” in the January/February 2020 newsletter of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). Read more.
Seminar Recordings
with Dr. Simon Carrignon
NIMBioS Postdoctoral Fellow

Selected Recent NIMBioS Publications

Jhwueng DC, O'Meara BC. 2020. On the matrix condition of phylogenetic tree. Evolutionary Bioinformatics 16:1-13. [from NIMBioS Postdoctoral Fellowship]

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