Announcements on Research, Clinic Expansion & Donations in Action
Dear Friends of PANDAS Network,

We are happy to share exciting announcements with you in this newsletter, including information on two upcoming conferences both in the US and abroad, new research funding, Stanford news, and more! 


Read how your donations to PANDAS Network funds research with our "small grants" initiative. Three new grants have gone to investigate tonsils, immune markers, and strep strain typing. Below you can read details of these important endeavors you helped make possible.   


Finally, we highly recommend reading and sharing the Nautilus article below. PANDAS Network is proud to have helped coordinate efforts with the author in this innovative scientific magazine. The author would love to hear your thoughts on the article. Reader feedback is strongly encouraged.


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The PANDAS Network Team
STANFORDPANDAS Network Donates Toys to Expanding Stanford Clinic
RESEARCHResearch Money is Taking Action

PANDAS Network & the fast growing Stanford PANS Clinic aim to help the growing needs of families with two exciting announcements!   




$12,000 has been awarded to PANDAS/PANS research by PANDAS Network! Recipients include: Drs. Earl Harley & Beth Latimer, Dr. Tanya Murphy, & Dr. Jennifer Frankovich.

CONFERENCESGlobal Education Continues with Two Upcoming Conferences
NAUTILUSMagazine Delves into the Immune System/Mental Illness Connection

Save the date for the Midwest conference in St. Louis, MO on August 7 & 8. Registration opening soon. Then in September, attend the Italian conference that will feature the latest scientific advances of PANDAS/PANS. Registration now open.


PANDAS families give us a window into their stories in this well written Nautilus article that provides insight into how "genes, environment, & immunity all interact in ways doctors are just beginning to unravel."