"The River"
Sunday Service
October 18 2020
10:30 am

Speaker: Rev. Bruce Bode
Celebrant: Kathy Roche-Zujko

“What Is ‘Soul’?’’ – “Spirit” and “soul” are often used interchangeably. This sermon, the second in a two-part
series, will distinguish and contrast the meanings and values of these two words.
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CRE ZOOM CHATS will occur Sunday's at Noon, directly following the Sunday services. No need to use any additional links, just click the main Zoom link sent out on Sunday mornings!
UUSC's 80th Anniversary Celebration is just around the corner!

Please join us for our virtual event on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 7:00 PM ET/ 4:00 PM PTThe evening will be filled with hope and gratitude, featuring human rights leaders, guest speakers, musical guests, and more.
Registration is free and open to all. We hope to see you there!
 With much appreciation,
 Mary Katherine Morn
 President and CEO
Doris Brevoort is hosting the Covenant Circle as a midweek Zoom meeting. Chatter and chitchat with your cherished chums at Wonderful Wednesdays at One.

Topic: Wonderful Wednesdays at One
Time: 01:00 PM

If you are interested in joining the Circle, email Doris at fieldofwans@comcast.net.

The Zoom link will be emailed to you on Wednesday.
While you're away
Life goes on at SUUF's building

Claire and Buster Dog (sort of) are on the job Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in the office. Pete is catching mice, replacing batteries, installing locks, calling plumbers, and repairing access to the underside of the building. Doris installed new signs in the reader board with info about SUUF on one side and our 7 principles on the other side. The garden party (see below) made huge improvements to our landscaping. And of course Dave and Pat who show up regularly with a weedwacker to tame the backyard and parking area weeds when they threaten to take over.
Looking good SUUF!
New reader board signs
Hello folks, writing to report that we did have a garden party on Wednesday. Helen came, pruned and up-limbed the bushes. Andra, Ray, Nancy, Doris, Helen.... combined to clean out the beds of other plants and weeds, a whopping iris form living too near the water pipe drain...took out a few older shrubs, and it all went in the pickup truck.
So, THANK YOU to everyone for the energy! We put up new signs in the sign box.... Claire took some photos for newsletter.... 
Blessings be!
Memorial Leaf for Elmyra Zehner
I have added a leaf on our Memorial Tree for Elmyra Zehner. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her. You can find her leaf when SUUF opens by the ribbon I placed around it.
Tom Gillespie
Happy October birthdays!!! Best wishes to Emily,Luca, Ritta, Judy, Connie, Donna Andrew, and any others celebrating your special day this month.
News from SUUF members and Friends This space awaits a photo or poem or news or reminiscence from you, when you're ready. Email your contributions to the office.

Children's Religious Education Fall Program

I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and that we're all surviving this new school year.

The story, song, and meditation for this week encourages all of us to see trees as providers of life. It also ties into our Seventh Principle, "Respect for the independent web of all existence of which we are apart."

As discussed yesterday (9/20/20), the CRE ZOOM CHATS will occur Sunday's at Noon, directly following the Sunday services. No need to use any additional links, just click the main Zoom link sent out on Sunday mornings! I'm wanting to give children the opportunity to share Joys and Sorrows, and have a casual discussion about the week's activities.

In other news... I've been giving the CRE Room a makeover! There is so much more to do but I thought I should show everyone how different it looks already. My main goal is to get a couch or two so the space fits our growing kids (and is also more inviting to adult fellows). So far the book drive hasn't proved fruitful but the month isn't over yet so we'll just have to see...

We welcome everyone in this program, even if you don’t have kids! Each week includes stories, videos, meditations, and other activities that are engaging for all ages and there is no obligation to complete anything. I highly recommend everyone sign up! 

The program will start on Monday, Sept. 14th, and will be email based. If you are interested in joining, please use this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Rsqp-HQu9Ehb6OMSwffQgiqcf2WL43ZpV3c_0ln28Gg/edit?usp=sharing
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Dances for Universal Peace hopes to return in 2021.
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