"The River"
Sunday Service, May 24, 10;30 AM


Memorial Day has become much more than a holiday to recognize those who died while serving in the US military. It encompasses patriotism; allegiance to our country through war and peace. It also gives us pause to contemplate our standing as a country made up of 50 united states. Please join us Sunday for an uplifting view of Memorial Day 2020. In lieu of a speaker, we invite you to share your memories of a loved one who proudly served our country.

The Zoom link for this service will be emailed to you on Sunday.
Sunday Service On-Line
Regular Sunday services are offered on-line for the duration of this emergency.

We haven't found a way to transmit snacks and coffee, but otherwise we will reconstitute much of the experience of coming to the Fellowship.

The technology platform we're adopting, called Zoom, lends itself to a participatory experience.

We will be together at the same time. We will see each other, talk in turn, chat, listen, and watch. It will be like a campfire for the dispersed.
Doris Brevoort has begun hosting the Covenant Circle as a midweek Zoom meeting. C hatter and chitchat with your cherished chums at Wonderful Wednesdays at One.

Topic: Wonderful Wednesdays at One

Time: May 27, 2020 01:00 PM Pacific Time

The Zoom link for this service will be emailed to you Wednesday.
This past Saturday, former President Obama delivered a virtual commencement address at a ceremony for graduates of historically black colleges and universities on Saturday. He said,
“If the world’s going to get better, it’s going to be up to you. With everything suddenly feeling like it’s up for grabs, this is your time to seize the initiative. Nobody can tell you anymore that you should be waiting your turn. Nobody can tell you anymore ‘this is how it’s always been done.’ More than ever, this is your moment—your generation’s world to shape.”
There are approximately 20 million college students in the U.S., and they have historically voted at lower rates than older folx. For college students to be informed and vote on November 3rd, it helps when they have the support of their colleges.
While this time of COVID-19 presents unique challenges, it is particularly important for colleges to embed student voting into their current communications and school opening plans, whether virtual or in-person.
The Ask Your College campaign is working with ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge (AICDC) in a program to do just that and it has been shown to dramatically increase student voter registration and student voting.
More than 600 colleges are currently enrolled. Participating colleges have increased the percentage of their students registered to vote by 25% and more, and in many cases have more than doubled the number of students who vote.
We can all play an important role in leveraging our relationships and influencing institutions of higher education to step up for democracy in 2020 and assist their students to register and vote. The role of the Ask Your College Campaign is to connect with colleges, and ask their presidents to use the resources of AICDC in committing to a goal of full student voter participation.
We are asking you to throw in your power—and that of your networks and organizations—behind the Ask Your College campaign.
The Ask Your College Campaign is holding a launch via Zoom on Wednesday, May 20, at 5:00pm.  RSVP to the launch meeting here .
We can create a Wave of College Student Voting in 2020 if all activists, organizations, and networks contact colleges NOW—urging them to adopt best practices to pursue full student voter participation. So consider:
  • Which colleges do you have a strong connection to?
  • Are you an alum, a faculty member, a parent of a student, a friend of a university professor or college administrator?
If so, you have the power to persuade. This is the time to use that institutional influence to urge colleges to strive for 100% student voter participation in this critical election year. You can learn more and sign up now at Ask Your College.
You will find step-by-step instructions and easy-to-use sample documents in this Action Kit to assist you. And join the Launch call on Wednesday to learn more.
Our faith call us to seize the initiative!
Susan Leslie
UU the Vote Team
Seasons of Giving | May 2020
Stewardship and Development News

Take a big breath. This is hard. 

As we navigate these demanding days, it’s easy to feel that we are not enough, that we are not doing enough. If you are among those who wrestle with this anxiety, know that you are in good company. The most gifted leaders I know, both lay and professional, are wrestling with it, too.

Thank you for being in the fray, for responding to these uncertain times with whatever measure of wisdom, creativity and courage is at your disposal. This is messy work.

Two months ago, our congregations shifted gears rapidly in response to the emerging public health crisis. The needs were immediate: How can we produce services online? Who needs help in the community? What should we do about our spring pledge drive? 

Take another big breath. We’re at a transitional point in the current crisis. As we pass the two-month mark, it is appropriate to shift to long-term planning. 

The reality is, it may take a year or more for our congregations to fully re-open. UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray advised UU leaders last week that  the UUA recommends congregations plan for virtual operations through May 31, 2021. While there is much public conversation about “reopening,” public health officials consistently predict a long trajectory for this pandemic.

Our hope is that by naming this heartbreaking reality, we can encourage congregations to plan ahead and imagine the coming year in collaborative, spacious and creative ways. If conditions are such that congregations can open safely sooner than we expect, we will all celebrate together.

UUA regional staff are at the ready to help congregations work through the challenges and opportunities of the coming year. Together, we will guide our beloved communities through these difficult days. 

Together, our communities will continue to serve the greater good.

In faith and gratitude,

Rev. Lauren Smith
Director of Stewardship and Development
News from SUUF members and Friends This space awaits a photo or poem or news or reminiscence from you, when you're ready. Email your contributions to the office.
Art accompanying Doris Brevoort’s poem in the Fremont Forum. (Courtesy Doris Brevoort)
By Doris Brevoort
I was in Portland and took a Greyhound up the coast to get home to Seattle. I was astounded when the bus stopped for a rest stop at the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant, where families with children in strollers were standing there looking at the mountain through binoculars! I wrote this poem in 1980 when I was a writer for Seattle’s Fremont Forum.
Mount St. Helens Talkin’ Blues
Round about the 80s unpopular decisions
were being made on the basis of unpopular visions
now it was up for grabs, a disposable society
where macro-bizz & nukes had gained widespread notoriety;
& though the earthspirit had never diminished,
some were acting like nature was just sold out and finished.
St. Helen had been following this terrible mess,
and she decided it was time to vent her distress:
she started to rumble, and boil and steam
and threw a few rocks out onto the scene.
“Now hear this, you human crew,
there’s a few things you’ve just got to renew!
There’s a few adjustments you’ve got to start making
and a few precautions you’d better start taking!
We used to have a pretty fine identity here,
the peaks and whales could see each other clear
wolves and elk kept each other in line,
crustaceans & salmon breathed cedar and pine.
I knew it was inevitable, someone would explore,
& find the beauty here they were looking for.
But now they’ve got our birds on wings-and-knees
from the roar o’ those dirtbikes and TVs.
For a hundred years now I’ve been pretty reserved
but this wasteful attitude’s getting on my nerves
and this radiation nonsense has simply got to stop,
as you can see, my temper is about to pop.
And what’s more, I’ve noticed your process is serving
No one but yourselves, and that’s very disturbing:
What happened to mutual cooperation,
Honor, respect, like the Indian nations?
So how bout cleaning up the great Northwest,
the rivers and forests you say you love best?
the farmlands and beaches the tankers have closed
and stop clear-cutting the end of my nose!
Oh, and deactivate the Trojan’s red hot core, too,
’cause folks, if you don’t, I’m gonna bury it for you.”
Happy May birthdays!!!  Best wishes to Laura, Ashley, Marsha, Anneliese, Pat, Patti, and any others celebrating your special day this month.
Helping Kindness: a note received from Tatum Kenn

Hope all is well, 

Just wanted to put it out there that if there's anyone in our Congregation who is at-risk and would like assistance with receiving groceries or other goods, if handed a list and money, I can make some trips.  

Best, Tatum.

Volunteer for the Ad-Hoc Program Committee

While we ride through this epidemic we will be holding ourselves together as a community through new varieties of activity. Interested in help to create and roll out some new approaches to spiritual enlightenment, social interaction, and the pursuit of justice? E-mail us.
Skagit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (SUUF)
PO Box 1203
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Here's the address above for mailing pledge checks and donations. Thank you for your continuing support!
Activities hosted at Diversity Hall ( See flyers and information posted on the Renters Bulletin Board in the hall.)
Cancelled -Spiritual Movement Exploration
With Andra Heath
March 16, 23, 30.  

We will come together weekly for some light instruction about how the human body moves. Then together we explore movements to enhance the spirit within us. Finally, self-exploration is encouraged. Find your own "feel-good" movements as music plays in the background. It is for all ages.
Come for;    Emotional and Physical Healing
better Mobility
and just plain Feeling Good. 
5 weekly sessions each Monday night in March 2020 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Suggested donation $5 each week or $20 for all 5 weeks paid in advance.

Kadampa Meditation - cancelled
Saturday, May 23, 9:30 am to 1:30 pm
Drop-in class in meditation and modern Buddhism
For more information call 206-526-9565 or visit website below.
Office Administrator, Newsletter : Claire Phillips skagituu@gmail.com Hours: Tue. & Thur. 12-4 pm

Worship Team Leader : Sally Riggers suufmusic@gmail.com

Board contact: Jim Heard james.heard@skagituuf.com
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