"The River"

November 20, 2022

10:30 am

 Speaker: Rev. Bruce A. Bode

Celebrant: Anneliese Sherman

“Why Is There Something, Not Nothing?”

In his song “Holy Now,” Peter Mayer, reflecting his Catholic upbringing, writes: “Wine from water is not so small/ But an even better magic trick/ Is that anything is here at all.” The question of “Why is there anything at all?” is the first and most basic philosophical question one can ask. It’s a question that has been of endless interest to me – my “life-koan,” if you will – and one I will be addressing on this Sunday prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Services coming in November

November 27, 2022

Fourth Sunday

Speaker: Curtis Steinhauer, Welcome Home Skagit

Celebrant: Jim Heard

Organized and run by folks who have lived or are living without a home, Welcome Home Skagit provides the essentials of survival to the homeless, as well as a sense of direction and a sense of belonging. Curtis Steinhauer, who heads their Board of Directors, returns to us with news of their amazing progress and expansion in spite of the headwinds of pandemic.

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The UUA is working on a major revision of the Principles and Purposes and there are opportunities for feedback during the month of November. Please see the document linked in the button for additional information.

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Join us for Thanksgiving Dinner at SUUF, 1 p.m. Thursday, November 24. Please contact Donna Rieper (if you didn’t receive an e-mail about it) to let me know who, how many, and what dish you would like to bring: Dottyr.se@gmail.com 

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Sunday, November 20 10:30 AM | Sunday Service 

Wednesday, November 23, 4:00 PM | Covenant Circle

Thursday, November 10, 6:30 PM | Board Meeting

Covenant Circle at 4 pm on Wednesdays. All are welcome! The conversation is wide-ranging and easy going. ("Who could ask for anything more?")

The Covenant Circle is a mid-week gathering, a chance to chat and share with others outside of the Sunday service.

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Happy Wanderers Wednesday Walking GroupEnjoy a walk in the great outdoors with fellow SUUFers, Due to weather variability, the weekly walk day and time may vary or get changed as the weather is assessed. If folks want the weekly walk info, please contact Linda Kuller 360-420-1506. and she will add you to the texts with walk info and notices of any changes.

In Wednesday's SV Herald there is a notice that there will be a cold weather shelter at the 7th Day Adventist church through November 12. More information, including how to volunteer or donate is available at 360-416-0443.

There is also a shelter in Concrete.

Here comes winter, cold, and rain... maybe some of us SUUF's can help out. I will also try to get an update on what's happening with the State Parking Program!

Doris Brevoort

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Nov - Welcome Home Skagit


Jan - BLUU Donations to Black Lives of UU go to helping us live out our Mission & Vision in the world.

Feb - Wise Caregivomg  offers workshops, retreats, and presentations to help professional and private caregivers thrive in today’s challenging environment.

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Happy November birthdays!!! Best wishes to Linda, Bill G, Rev. Barbara D, , Nancy, and any others celebrating your special day this month.

News from SUUF members and Friends This space awaits a photo or poem or news or reminiscence from you when you're ready. Email your contributions to the office.

November is Native American Heritage Month.

MOONSET  - by Emily Pauline Jonnson 

Idles the night wind through the dreaming firs,

That waking murmur low,

As some lost melody returning stirs

The love of long ago;

And through the far, cool distance, zephyr fanned.

The moon is sinking into shadow-land.

The troubled night-bird, calling plaintively,

Wanders on restless wing;

The cedars, chanting vespers to the sea,

Await its answering,

That comes in wash of waves along the strand,

The while the moon slips into shadow-land.

O! soft responsive voices of the night

I join your minstrelsy.

And call across the fading silver light

As something calls to me;

I may not all your meaning understand,

But I have touched your soul in shadow-land.

Emily Pauline Johnson, who also published under her paternal grandfather’s Mohawk name Tekahionwake (“double wampum”), was born on March 10, 1861, the daughter of a Mohawk chief and his English wife, on the Six Nations Reserve, Canada West, near the current Brantford, Ontario. Johnson published 165 poems during her lifetime. This one is from Flint and Feather: The Complete Poems of E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake) (The Musson Book Co., Limited, 1917) by Emily Pauline Johnson. She died in Vancouver, BC in 1913 with her ashes being buried in Stanley Park. This poem is in the public domain.S

Sally RiggersTh

Communnity events and news

This year Women’s Work International Market will donate all income over costs to Immigrant Resources Immediate Support (IRIS). We are looking for a few volunteers who could put in a couple of hours setting up on Friday afternoon Nov. 25 or on Saturday, Nov. 26 to do greeting raffle ticket selling, helping the vendors, or cleaning up. The event runs from 11 am to 5 pm plus packing up and cleaning time at the end of the day.”Shifts” could be from 11 - 1, 1-3, 3-5 or however long you can. Contact Ginny ginnydarvill@gmail.com or 360 708 2681. Thank you. 

Ginny Darvill

Hello opera fans,

I want to invite Suufers to a new opera The Hours, about Virginia Wolff,

Saturday, Dec. 10th, 9:55 am-- The MET in HD at the Lincoln Theater.

Please call me for information. Doris 360-336-3453

Occasionally, we get notification of an event and it is too late to get it in the weekly announcements. If you are interested in getting additional emails about racial/ social/climate/ justice issues please email me at brendundas@outlook.com or call (360) 424-5003.
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