"The River"
This Sunday
Dec. 23
Christmas Potpurri   –  Worship Team and Congregation
Christmas is a lot of things... music, gifts, trees, and long days of cold and dark. This service will have something for everyone, all built on a foundation of love and family.
Soup-er Sunday following the service this Sunday. Stay for a delicious cup of soup and bread. $3 - children less.
For the Children:   Children's Religious Education will follow the service on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays of each month.

Also the smaller babies room now was a speaker system installed. If you should need to leave the service, you can still hear everything in there..
Men Winter Solstice gathering Friday, December 21 6-8 pm.  All men welcome to Friday's solstice gathering at 6p at the church. We continue our tradition of coming together at solstices and equinoxes.

Prepare yourself to reflect on personal ends and beginnings in your recent life. This is a feelings, not thinking, not current events, discussion.

Bring something to share: food or drink.

Questions? Contact me.
Hope to see guys there.
- ken
Parents, this is for you!
Need a night out with your beloved? Well, luckily, this year's Parents' Night Out will be a fundraiser sponsored by your Board. It will take place on Saturday, December 22, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the fellowship. For a mere $25 per child, your kids will be fed and entertained for the evening while you dine or shop. We will return them to you tired, but happy, at 8:00. Kindly, respond to Rosemary to reserve your space. 
(Warning: after 8:00 the children will be given strong coffee and a kitten, so return on time. The kids won't be the only ones who are tired.
Doris Brevoorts Annual Post Christmas party December 27 at SUUF, 5:30 potluck, 6:30 reading of a Child's Christmas in Wales, 7 pm singing, open mic, poetry reading. For more information call Doris at 360 336-3453. Everyone is welcome and bring friends and instruments.
WANTED: hymnals and tablecloths that have gone missing from our building in the last couple of months! Please bring back THIS YEAR (2018) so we can avoid the hassle of issuing arrest warrants!
Family Promise I want to put in a plea for more Family Promise people to help out.  Contact me or Patti Yount if you would be willing to occasionally help out. It's not a big job but some churches are not involved as much as the FP workers hoped, and that means that instead of helping every third month as we planned, we are being asked to feed and helpout every second month. That's not a huge problem, it really isn't, but if it continues it could become a bigger problem. Our contact person, Sharon, said they are working to get more churches, but I'm trying to be preactive. Several of our enthusiastic volunteers are sick or have some problem so they can't help. We are going to be feeding and tucking into bed on 12\29 and 30. Perhaps we can get a party together???? Thanks much. Pat Young
Our social concerns dollars at work! Rev. Barbara Davenport reminded us of the woman (Najla) who spoke at our church about wanting to build a library for her displaced people who live under terrible conditions. Their lands in Algeria had been taken from them, and they escaped into the desert and built a small village where they remain. We took a collection which was forwarded to her. These photos are of the construction of the library. It's nice to see that our 4th Sunday collections truly make a difference.
Happy December birthday to all of you born in this festive month!! A few that we know had birthdays - Susan - December 4, Judy - December 27 and Dorothy. Best wishes to Susan, Judy, Dorothy, Kathy and John and any others celebrating your special day this month.
 December Services
Dec. 30
Blessings of Bad Times    Peggy Bissell
At the end of the year, we reflect on the good times we've experienced. But, what about the bad times? They share the same space. The challenge is to find ways to make them meaningful in a positive way and to then move on in our quest to find joy and promote growth in our lives. Today, as we explore bad times, we'll be joined by authors, movies and inspirational words designed to enrich and support.
  Nancy B. Miller is offering an interactive class on the 7 principles based on Rev. Bruce Davis , "A String of Pearls", An introduction to the UU Principles and Purposes This class will be on the 2nd Sudays following coffee hour.
It began Oct. 2018 and will continue for seven second Sundays omitting the second Sunday in Dec.

How is it that we can create communities where a diversity of philosophies and theologies are valued?

What are these values Unitarian Universalists strive to live by and how do they interact with your evolving search ?

The UU's Seven Principles and Purposes came out of conversations in 1961 and were edited in 1984 (they continue to be revised at intervals to ensure their vitality.)

Please come and share your current thoughts on how you feel connected or not to each of the 7 Principles as they are each individually discussed.
Looking forward to your sharing and connecting.
May you be blessed with wisdom,
Nancy B. Miller
The Covenant Circle discusses periodical and book and news. Lately the topics have centered on major socioeconomic issues of the times. The discussion is lively and the spirit is convivial.

They meet every Thursday afternoon at 1:30 at Haggen on Division Street, except the second Thursday of the month, when they convene over lunch somewhere at 1:00. Call Joy Lindberg (360-424-8090) for further information.
New email address:
This space awaits a photo or poem or news or reminiscence from you, when you're ready. Email your contributions to the office.
Office Administrator, Newsletter : Claire Phillips skagituu@gmail.com Hours: Tue. & Thur. 12-4 pm
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