Summer Schedule 2018

" The River"
Skagit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Summer 2018

7/1 Jim Heard - Abolish Graduation: Adapting Higher Education to the Modern - An exercise in imagining a better world, this talk will propose a college system where students earn tenure, rely on more than just themselves in maintaining a career, keep lifelong social and intellectual involvement, and enjoy an institutional counterbalance to corporate power and the forces concentrating prosperity.
Celebrant: Rosemary Stevens

7/8 Bethany Lynn – Your Amazing Personal Freedom: “If you want to fly, let go of everything that weighs you down.” Thoughts on how to feel ‘lighter’ and enjoy your life more fully, accompanied by original music.

Celebrant: Anneliese Sherman

7/15 Ken Stern – “Beacon press and the Pentagon Papers”. Come hear our history of standing for the First Amendment. In a case tied to Alaska Senator Mike Gravel, a Unitarian Universalist, the Court denied Beacon Press the right to publish the Pentagon Papers, even though the New York Times and Washington Post had previously won their cases in favor of freedom of the press.
Celebrant: Susan Thayer

7/22 Tom Gillespie – God’s Top Ten List: Three special guests (one eternal one ancient and one modern) will help us explain The 10 Commandments in a UU Style.
Celebrant: Jorge Manzanera
7/29 Garth McMurtrey – Procurement Fairies. Procurement Fairies are one explanation for the creation process. These fairies love to play, and they mess with us in playful ways. There are ways to play with them and help them create events and circumstances that are fun for us. I’ll talk about what they like and how we can play with them and have more fun!
Celebrant: Garth McMurtrey

8/5 Eileen Gribble – Living with the Conflict of Science vs God
Celebrant: Eileen Gribble
8/12 Jorge Manzanera – Technology at SUUF. There will be a demo of the audio-video and internet technology that we have available at SUUF, including tools for creation and collaboration like Google Suite. Selected pictures will be shown, and maybe a short video, regarding the effect of technology on our lives and our spiritual lives, tied to two of our UU Principles. If there is time, it will be open to questions and comments.
Celebrant: Garth McMurtrey
8/19 – SUUF Picnic at Washington Park in Anacortes
8/26 Susan Thayer – Quantum Multiversalism: An overview of my personal constantly evolving beliefs.
Celebrant: Susan Thayer

9/2 Doris Brevoort – Beyond the Mirror: A Look At Henri Nouwen's Reflections on the Struggles in Facing Death
C elebrant: Doris Brevoort
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