"The River"

October 2, 2022

Speaker:  Rev. Lynnea Jardine

Celebrant: Donna Rieper

"Practical Applications in a Distracted World". 


From birth to death and everything in between, life relentlessly serves up opportunities to consciously choose or go unconscious. Lynnea weaves spiritual and psychological principles into practical applications to integrate, in the midst of challenge and crisis, wellness and wholeness, joy and resilience. Lynnea developed her unique style through her complementary health care, cross-cultural, spiritual, and religious studies.  



As an ordained minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living, Rev. Lynnea Jardine specializes in Pastoral Care and Spiritual Counseling. This includes teaching classes, leading ceremonies, and producing conferences. She has been a speaking guest in the greater Puget Sound, throughout the United States, in Sydney & Melbourne, Australia, and Canada, Crete and Bali.  

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Services coming in October

October 9   

Rev Joanna Gabriel

Close to the Bone

Standing in a space where there is no buffer between you and life…can be scary…terrifying…and it is also the space where there is the most opportunity for connection to the power and immense love of the Universe.

If something is said to be ‘close to the bone’, it is defined as something that makes one feel uncomfortable because it is very close to the truth or to the real nature of something. Rev Joanna Gabriel will explore the importance of this stance as our unsettled world swirls around us.

A New Thought minister for over 25 years, Joanna Gabriel has been serving Unity congregations throughout the Northwest region.

October 16  

Rev. Vincent Lachina

Life Outside the Box

Humankind seems to be most comfortable living within the borders we build for ourselves. Interestingly enough, churches do the same thing. Perhaps the most common phrase among congregants is, “But we’ve always done it this way.” It is often a difficult task to expand our limits and explore the world outside our personal and church "box".Today’s reality is that if we do not open our minds to new challenges and

possibilities, our “box” will remain small or shrink. Let’s talk about life outside the box.

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"The population of my neighborhood is too slender and is too much divided . . . to maintain any one preacher well. I must therefore be contented to be a Unitarian by myself."

    Thomas Jefferson

Thank you, Rosemary Stevens!!

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We will be having an in-person open house on Sunday, Oct. 2nd from 12:30 to 3 pm, at 1910 So. 16th St. (Just north of Blackburn Rd, near Hillcrest Park).

Marcia wants everyone to know we have a Big Back Yard.... she also suggested we have pies this year instead of cake! Get ready for a little live music, and please bring something to sing, play, recite, act out if you wish!Take care and happy September. If you have a birthday around now, let us know so we can toast you too! Questions, phone Doris at 360-336-3453. Thank you!

Happy September birthdays!!! Best wishes to Brooke, Diane, Doris, Marcia, Ginny, Mike, Izak, Alex, and any others celebrating your special day this month.

News from our renter. Ist Saturday Belly Dancing Hafla Reunion returns to Diversity Hall, October 1, 7 pm. This group was a long-time renter for several years on the 1st Saturday of each month. In recent years, however, there have been once-a-year reunions in October. Claire Phillips aka Sultana will be performing with a crowd favorite, Mel the camel.

Matt, our incarcerated friend we have met through One Parish, One Prisoner mentioned the Black Prisoner Caucus when I asked him about what influenced the positive changes in his life and his progress in education. When I asked him to tell me more he replied as follows:

Ginny I'm glad your doing well. Its good to talk with the youth and see them see the possibilities in their path. As for the BPC what it has brought to me and the people around me is growth, acceptance and accountablity among many other things. It has helped us see our potential. It gives us education and the ability to help others, to see that we have a duty to then world to give back to communities that we are absent from but still belong to. My Responsibilities to the BPC is to help others in whatever capacity I can to accept help when others extend it.

My Contributions to the BPC go beyond it and into the community from working with Public and private organizations as a means to make a difference. To make the prison system a better place by building bridges not only between different races and backgrounds bit also between Inmates and corrections staff. I have been a member of the BPC and worked in leadership roles and advisory roles for almost my whole 20 years in prison. 

Ginny Darvill

Your OPOP (One Parish One Prisoner) representatives are:
Donna Rieper
Virginia Darvill
James Heard
Peter Smith
Eileen Gribble

We are planning to have a zoom meeting of the Social Justice team in the near future-- anyone in SUUF who would like to "tune in", please watch next week's River for the date and the link. Time to plan this season's activities! 

Doris Brevoort


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Feb - Wise Caregovomg  offers workshops, retreats, and presentations to help professional and private caregivers thrive in today’s challenging environment. We consult with patients and families seeking to clarify goals, cope with losses, set boundaries, and find meaning in illness and end of life. Private consultations are offered by video conference.

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We are confirmed for our rally on Sat. Oct. 8th at noon at the Skagit County Courthouse. We have registered with the Women’s March and will raise our voices to join those in Bellingham, Seattle, and all across the country in support of reproductive rights and justice for all. There are no speakers scheduled, but we will have two tables: a voter’s registration table and a table to find out more about volunteering for Planned Parenthood in our area.

Here’s the link to our event - please feel free to share: https://action.womensmarch.com/events/rally-for-reproductive-rights-1

On First Saturdays, we will continue our monthly rallies in support of reproductive rights for all.

How great to see such a strong group of folks out rallying in support of reproductive rights this past weekend. Please mark your calendars for our next rally, which would normally be the first Saturday in October - but we are moving it to SATURDAY, OCT. 8TH to join in solidarity with the Women’s March which has rallies scheduled across the country that day. Please plan to meet AT NOON at the Skagit County Courthouse and bring as many friends and family members as you can. Bring your homemade signs and I will have extra available. Please watch your in box for additional information as we get closer to the 10/8. Masks are optional, but encouraged. 

Proud to stand with all of you amazing people,

Deb Grant, (she/her/hers)



If you are attending services in person, drinks or snacks that you bring to share are much appreciated.  Conversations after service take place outside in the garden. Remember, masks are required inside.

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