"The River"

September 17, 2023


“How Much Bread Do You Have?

How Much Bread Do You Need?

Speakers: Rev. Mel Hooper and Rev. Rose Eddington

Celebrant: Donna Rieper

10:30 am


Something new – For the September 17 service, we will have something new at our service, a Bread Communion. For this, you are invited to think about your family heritage and bring bread to share (home-made or store-bought) that is/was typical, important or a favorite.

Each person who wishes to participate will offer their bread and speak about it briefly during the communion ceremony. We will then break bread together after the service at coffee hour. Folks attending by Zoom are likewise invited to participate in the communion, though not able to sample.


Rev. Mel Hoover and Rev. Rose Edington are retired Unitarian Universalist ministers living in Bellingham WA. They continue their antiracism and environmental justice work through MelRose Ministries. Both are involved in the Black Lives Ministry Program at the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship. 

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September and October Services

September 24

Save Our Salmon

October 1

Jay Bowen

October 8

Iman Rahman

October 15

Rev. Barbara Gilday

October 22

Jon Prescott

October 29

Joseph Bednarik 

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SUUF Events and news

Thank you for your 4th Sunday donations in August. $55 will go to Skagit Diaper Bank that provides diapers and other baby essentials in Skagit County.

Volunteer Opportunity

To help in the CRE rooms when parents with children attend our services.

Sherri Stites and Susan Wilson are working together to put together a list of people from our congregation who are willing to volunteer their time one Sunday a month, or every two months, (depending on the number of volunteers.) Sherri will be collecting the names of those interested in volunteering to do this much-needed task. Once we have a list of those interested, we will meet to decide on the curriculum and schedule background checks. If you have any questions feel free to contact Sherri at [email protected].

The Covenant Circle is a mid-week gathering, a chance to chat and share with others outside of the Sunday service.

Covenant Circle 

Tuesdays at 5:30. All are welcome! The conversation is wide-ranging and easygoing. ("Who could ask for anything more?")

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Sunday, Sept 17, 10:30 AM | Sunday Service 

Tuesday, Sept 19, 5:30 PM | Covenant Circle

Wednesday, October 11, 7 PM | Board Meeting

4th Sunday recipients list

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Sept - Save Our Wild Salmon

Oct - Wise Caregiving

Nov - Mount Vernon Library Foundation

Dec - Welcome Home Skagit

Jan - UU Service Committee UUSC

Happy September Birthdays!

Doris Brevoort, Marcia Brevoort, Ginny Darvill, Mike Murdock, Alex and Izak Sebastian Veals, Brooke Thayer, and any others celebrating their special day.

Happy Wanderers Wednesday Walking GroupEnjoy a walk in the great outdoors with fellow SUUFers, Due to weather variability, the weekly walk day and time may vary or get changed as the weather is assessed. If folks want the weekly walk info, please contact Linda Kuller 360-420-1506. and she will add you to the texts with walk info and notices of any changes.


If you are attending services in person, drinks or snacks that you bring to share are much appreciated

News from SUUF members and Friends 

This space awaits a photo or poem or news or reminiscence from you when you're ready. Email your contributions to the office.

Community Engagement Corner

What SUUF members are doing in the area of social justice and local organizations and opportunities! 

Bravery at the Rest Stop

Small brave acts open doors to help those without homes toward stability. One hot day a couple of weeks ago, Sally Riggers stopped at a rest stop on her way home, to eat a lunch she had prepared for herself after appointments in Bellingham. As she pulled into the park, she noticed a young woman sitting in a car loaded with clothes and belongings. As she sat eating her sandwich, Sally was prompted to share with the young woman. She went over to the open passenger window (it was hot, so open) and asked the woman if she was living in her car. By engaging her in conversation and caring, Sally learned she had a part-time job during the night at FedEx, barely had enough gas to drive to work, and no money. Sally escorted her to a nearby gas station to fill up the tank, and gave her some cash to boot. Sally invited the young woman to come to her home to wash her laundry. We never know what circumstances can lead to not living in a home. Sally made a bold move to help this person know there are good people in the world, willing to lend a hand. Hopefully she will accept Sally’s offer and reach back out on her journey. Thank you, Sally, for stepping up, leaning in, and offering your hand as a friend. 

Dave Young is moving to Edison this weekend. As you know, he sold their Bayview home after Pat died. His daughter, Rachel, who already lived in Edison, will be just a few houses away on the lovely little main street that runs through town. His new address is: 14064 Mactaggart Ave, Bow 98232. Congratulations, Dave

Have you heard of The March to End Fossil Fuels in NYC September 17th?  We know that stopping the use of fossil fuels, as complex as that will be, is urgent and necessary. Young and old are standing up to say now is the time. While we cannot fly to NYC to participate, let’s do something here in Mount Vernon that Sunday, September 17th. The 1000 Grandmothers in San Francisco have made art posters available and some are on their way here. If you are interested in helping to plan or join a simple, peaceful, sacred event (e.g. asking shopkeepers to put poster in window; walking quietly on the Riverwalk), please get in touch with me at 303 564-6065 or [email protected]. Cory Sevin

Community events and news

Occasionally, we get notification of an event and it is too late to get it in the weekly announcements. If you are interested in getting additional emails about racial/ social/climate/ justice issues please email me at [email protected] or call (360) 424-5003.

The contact person for OPOP (One Parish, One Prisoner) is Eileen Gribble.

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