"The River"
This Sunday
This Sunday

October 6, 10:30 am
Speaker: Rabbi Kalish Leviel
Celebrant: Jorge Manzanera

Gifts and Teachings of the Jewish High Holy Days
In the spring every year, at Passover, we leave slavery. We wander through the wilderness and 7 months later we're ready to celebrate the birth of the world. That's what Rosh Hashanah is all about. And then 10 days later is the holiest day of the year, Yom Kippur; a day of fasting, a day of acknowledging, a day of surrendering to the Infinite All There Is. These 10 days of awe take us deeper and closer to our True Essence. We will awaken to the sounds of the shofar. Please join us.
Upcoming Services

October 13, 10:30 am 
Speaker: Rev. Peter Luton
Celebrant: Sally Riggers
A Time to Reap What I Have Sown
October is a beautiful month! Winter rains are on the horizon, but not yet here. The bulk of our crops are in and the gardens and trees are going out in a blaze of glory. It is a time to appreciate what we’ve grown, how we’ve grown, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.
This space awaits a photo or poem or news or reminiscence from you, when you're ready. Email your contributions to the office.
Speaking of the 2006 Talent Show, do you see anyone here you know?

1. Brenda Cook and Dundas Winn. No kidding!
2. Doreen Sadler and Chris Scheibe
3. Tom Gillespie
4. Sultana (Claire Phillips) and Mel the Camel. You can see Sultana and Mel perform in person on Saturday Oct 5 at SUUF at 7 PM. They will be dancing at the Belly Dancers reunion. Music, dancing, fun, and refreshments.
5. Riitta, Ken and Tomas Dunning
6. Rosemary Stevens
The way we were. Photos from the past. Thanks Tom Gillespie.
Happy October birthdays!!!  Best wishes to Lucas, Brenda, Ritta, Judy, Connie, Donna, Andrew, Elmyra and any others celebrating your special day this month.
Amy Engelhardt-A Laughternoon of Songs & Stories - Fundraiser
Enjoy a musical matinee at SUUF Sunday Oct. 6, 2 pm $20 donation at the door, and we split the take between Amy and the church.

Diehard Jersey girl and multi-hyphenate AMY ENGELHARDT fell in love with the Pacific NW during her 13 years with Seattle-based Grammy noms The Bobs. But Amy's first love was theater; she made her Off-Broadway debut as composer/lyricist of Richard Rodgers Award Finalist and Off-Broadway Alliance Best New Musical nominee BASTARD JONES. Her writing credits include TRIPTYCH (trio of 10-minute musicals set on the M42 crosstown bus for the New York Transit Museum, book/music/lyrics) and lyrics for TESLA (Foundation for New Musicals). In Seattle, she wrote lyrics for commissioned adaptations of Carl Sagans CONTACT (Puget Sound Theatre Award: Best New Play) and NICHOLAS NICKLEBY (Center Stage) and music/lyrics for A COMEDY OF ERAS at ACT (with the Flying Karamazov Brothers). A frequent emcee at the Moisture Festival at Hales Palladium, Amy spent several summers with assorted Karamazovs and vaudevillians on New Old Time Chautauqua tours of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Her diverse vocal credits include the soundtracks for Jurassic World, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Jim Henson's Animal Jam, Harry Shearer & Judith Owens CHRISTMAS WITHOUT TEARS (2005-2018 tours, BAM, Walt Disney Concert Hall), Barbra Streisand's Timeless, the LA Bach Festival and Neil Young's Living With War. And as Mother Superior of the Chattering Order of St. Beryl in Amazon Primes GOOD OMENS promo campaign, Amy recently led a gaggle of satanic, rock-belting nuns at the series premieres in London, New York and Austin. She produced their EP Unholy Night released on Amazon Music, and claims to be Neil Gaimans new BFF. The only honorary female member of the Vienna Boys Choir, Amy is now working on her second solo album, FINISH WHAT YOU. www.amyengelhardt.com
Support our long-time renter and have a rewarding 2 hours of easy dances, beautiful live music, meditaton - this coming Sunday, October 6. 6-8 pm. Dances of Universal Peace  on 1st Sunday of each month here at SUUF 6-8pm. For more information contact Aarti Cathy Wooten 360-629-9190 or jstplnfolk@gmail.com   

Donation $5-10. No one turned away for lack of funds. Info on entry table. The Dances of Universal Peace are simple, meditative, joyous, multi-cultural circle dances that use sacred phrases, chants, music and movements from the many spiritual traditions of the earth to touch the spiritual essence within ourselves and recognize it in others.
Attend "Pray the Gay Away" with SUUF

Sunday, November 10, 2019 from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM PST

Lincoln Theater
712 South First Street
Mount Vernon, WA 98275

SUUF has reserved a block of seats. Contact Jim Heard at 509-915-5714 if you would like to go. 30+ seats have been reserved to-date.

Join an expedition of SUUF members to the world premiere of Pray the Gay Away ®, a serious musical comedy co-produced by our own Matt Bianconi. Opening night has already sold out for this original production rehearsing at Diversity Hall. 
Theater Arts Guild presents the world premiere of  Pray the Gay Away® . This highly anticipated and controversial live stage show packs plenty of blissful sacrilege and politically incorrect mischief into a reflection of U.S. culture that is humorous, beautiful, shocking, sweet, thought-provoking and incredibly heart-breaking.
Your 4th Sunday contribution for September was given to the Theater Arts Guild to be used to offset the cost of student tickets they are providing free to schools and youth groups. SUUF will be credited as such in the donors section. 
Gentle Yoga with Rev. Lena Breen Saturday, October 19 at SUUF, 4-5:15 pm      
$10 donation  (all donations go to the fellowship)
All that is required of yoga is to relax, feel, watch, allow, and breath throughout class.
Our practice includes breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation, as well as a gentle yoga posture flow. Every body is welcome! Chair yoga is an option. Please bring a yoga mat and towel or blanket to class. Handouts will be available.
Lena is the former owner/director of the Mount Vernon Yoga Center and looks forward to new and returning students in her class. She loves yoga, it is her "toolbox of well being". Lena has been practicing for 53 years and teaching yoga since 2000.
For the children   CRE with Maddie Schleif Sunday 10:30 am.

The smaller babies room has a speaker system installed. If you should need to leave the service, you can still hear everything in there..
Project Dignity dinner on October 19, 2019 has been cancelled. It has been rescheduled to Spring 2020.
Soup-er Sunday resumes 4th Sunday in October. Stay after the service for a delicious bowl of soup and bread. If you would like to help make soup contact Greg Sherman at 360 421-0633 or gregorysherman@gmail.com
The Covenant Circle discusses periodical and book and news. Lately the topics have centered on major socioeconomic issues of the times. The discussion is lively and the spirit is convivial.

They meet every Thursday afternoon at 1:30 at Haggen on Division Street. Call Joy Lindberg (360-424-8090) for further information.
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