"The River"
January 23, 2022,10:30 AM

Speaker: Kat Rose
Celebrant: Susie Wilson
"From Lump of Clay to Flaming Chalice"

Kat Rose has an unusual occupation and passion: she sculpts chalices for UU churches, members, and religious and secular services. Kat, a long-time UU and artist from San Juan Island, and friend of Linda Kuller, creates lovely and loving artistic designs. Please check out her website - flamingchalice.com - for a sneak peek at her craft. She will share how the 'flaming chalice' became the symbol of hope and freedom for our religion, then will tell us about her unusual career path.
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This Sunday is Social Justice 4th Sunday. Your donations will go to PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians & Gays)
January 30
Rev. Barbara Gilday

"Which do I Choose? A or B?"

Life is not like a multiple choice test where our choices are so simple. It is often much more complex, as even an elementary school child knows. We as adults have learned the painful lesson that there are times one has no choice but to choose to live with seemingly unreconcilable differences. Let’s look at some examples and some possible coping mechanisms. Perhaps you’d like to share a situation where you had to come to terms with
cohabiting differences. 
Happy Wanderers Wednesday Walking Group. Enjoy a walk in the great outdoors with fellow SUUFers, Due to fall weather variability, the weekly walk day and time may vary or get changed as the weather is assessed. If folks want the weekly walk info, please and she will add you to the texts with walk info and notices of any changes.
News from SUUF members and Friends This space awaits a photo or poem or news or reminiscence from you when you're ready. Email your contributions to the office.

Reiki Level One Initiation
Fri January 21, 7-9 pm
Sat January 22, 10 am-6 pm
Sun January 23, 10 am-4 pm
Sliding scale fee $150-$300
Register at: normajeanreiki.com/contact
117 1st St, Suite 26, Mt. Vernon (Carnation building)
Email: normajeanreiki@gmail.com

THE NEW YEAR by Carrie Williams Clifford
The New Year comes—fling wide, fling wide the door
Of Opportunity! the spirit free
To scale the utmost heights of hopes to be,
To rest on peaks ne’er reached by man before!
The boundless infinite let us explore,
To search out undiscovered mystery,
Undreamed of in our poor philosophy!
The bounty of the gods upon us pour!
Nay, in the New Year we shall be as gods:
No longer apish puppets or dull clods
Of clay; but poised, empowered to command,
Upon the Etna of New Worlds we’ll stand—
This scant earth-raiment to the winds will cast—
Full richly robed as supermen at last!

From Sally Riggers

Carrie Williams Clifford was born in September 1862 in Chillicothe, Ohio. A poet and activist, she is the author of Race Rhymes (R. L. Pendleton, 1911) and The Widening Light (Walter Reid, 1922). A co-founder and the first president of the Ohio State Federation of Colored Women, Clifford helped form a women’s subset of the Niagara Movement, a predecessor of the NAACP.

I’d like to offer my technical services to the community. I work with computers, tablets, phones, printers, networks, and websites. I don’t promise I can fix everything, and I’ve got a pretty good track record (references available). $60/hour. If you’re interested, please text or email me: 360-389-3399 or g.rodgersclark@gmail.com
Occasionally, we get notification of an event and it is too late to get it in the weekly announcements. If you are interested in getting additional emails about racial/ social/climate/ justice issues please email me at brendundas@outlook.com or call (360) 424-500

Your OPOP team (One Parish One Prisoner) each month is sent a Learning Module to review and then discuss as a team. This one would be valuable for the entire congregation to have the opportunity to see. It sheds light on so many elements that have become “in-just” in our Justice system.

If for some reason the Module does not work to actively view I would suggest you have a look on https://mkorostoff.github.io/incarceration-in-real-numbers/?fbclid=IwAR0m1hj9XOAFFkoV4fhyS9yhEA9VeD2K74DDLDOO2UEfj2A55kWG0eAJ3nY
and if you have Netflix watch the documentary “ 13th “.

Part of the goal of OPOP is to provide a supportive community for the person leaving time incarcerated. with the hope that this support network will lay a foundation to rely on, to lessen the odds that they will end up back in prison. when you learn of all the opportunities that are stripped away from a person for having been incarcerated, it sheds light on how easily a person can feel defeated and end up behind bars once again. Another goal is to educate the community on the human beings that are living in the walls of our justice system.

Also because our team will be doing a presentation the end of February, viewing this might give people something to think about and ask us questions we may or may not be able to answer.

Thank you

Your OPOP representatives are:
Donna Rieper
Virginia Darvill
James Heard
Peter Smith
Eileen Gribble
Monthly rallies to support Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights will resume the first Saturday of each month, from 11a-12p - RAIN OR SHINE.
Meet on the sidewalk in front of the Mount Vernon health center at 1805 E. Division St in Mount Vernon.
Bring your signs, your friends, your family, and your masks.
To make it easier to remember to donate to 4th (social justice) and 5th (building and grounds) Sundays, you can send one check to the office or online donation to cover October through August 2022 or any monthly recipient you choose. Please indicate to whom and what amount you wish to donate.
4th Sunday recipients list

You can send your donation using our online donation link or by mailing a check to

-Jan-PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians & Gays)
● -Feb-OPOP (One Parish-One Prisoner)
● -March-DVSAS (Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault)
● -April-Anacortes Food Bank
● -May-SFEG (Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group--this is
the group that CRE worked with to plant trees to help
restore salmon habitat)
● -June-Community Action
● -July-Friendship house
● -Aug-Children's Museum of Skagit County Scholarship
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UUA PWR Regional Assembly is that inspirational, radically inclusive, beyond-the-congregation UU community we’ve missed. February 4-6, we can engage fully, wherever we are. Whether onsite at the Hyatt along the bay in San Diego, or online in the comfort of our own homes, we will have opportunities for connection in small groups, inspirational worship, transformative learning, and just plain community fun.  Join in the community
Happy January birthdays!!! Best wishes to Valerie, Lily, Dundas, Yolanda F, Jim, Joy, Bethany and any others celebrating your special day this month.
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