"The River"
This Sunday
August 11           No Place on Earth
The homeless arrived at our doorstep this spring. Though inadequate to relieving their plight directly, we must pay attention to it. After all, a housing crisis in the midst of a boom-time portends the unsustainability of fundamental economic policies. We'll look at the underlying forces that produce homelessness in a community, consider what small measures we can take, and prepare our reactions to the larger crisis to come.

Service Leader: JIM HEARD

Happy August birthdays!!! Best wishes to Jesse, Tom, Marianne and any others celebrating your special day this month.
No regular office hours in August. Claire's vacation! Susan Wakeman and other volunteers will be filling in and keeping things running.
Check out our new, repaired website. Wow!! Great. I was impressed. Thank you Mike Murdock and others who completed this awsome task after our old web page was hacked. Claire


Come share comradery and food with your church family today, @ 11am-5pm. We have reserved a covered shelter, so regardless of the weather we can be comfortable. This is our “sometimes annual” picnic, where you get to eat foods that you never make at home and catch up on all the gossip. Bare your soles and wet your toes. Good times!
August 25           Our National Monuments      
National Monuments reveal our country’s history – both good and bad. Come hear why they are important indicators of the nation’s direction as we move into the future.

Service Leader: SUSAN WAKEMAN

Sept 1                  Life And Teachings of the Masters of the Far East
Service Leader: KEN DUNNING

For the children   CRE with Maddie Schleif Sunday 10:30 am.

The smaller babies room has a speaker system installed. If you should need to leave the service, you can still hear everything in there..
This space awaits a photo or poem or news or reminiscence from you, when you're ready. Email your contributions to the office.
Mount Vernon Pride Walk

Parade walk: 
We're meeting in Pine Square downtown Mount Vernon on August 24th at 11:00 am. From there we will have a pride walk around town, which will take about a half hour.

 Will you help? Talk to Rosemary.  Volunteer to support our LBGTQ+ friends and members.
We will have a table in Pine Square with information about SUUF. We will want to have volunteers there to talk to people who have questions. Please contact Rosemary if you'd like to help at 360-293-4146, text at 360-630-6160, or email at rr_stevens@comcast.net
Homelessness -- Impact on Our Children and Schools

Representatives from our school districts, county health department, and family service providers will share their perspectives.

Monday, August 19 -- 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Skagit PUD, 1415 Freeway Drive

Our woods and forest lands are at the heart of Skagit County. You don't have to OWN a forest to be interested in protecting them. Your backyard is very likely a miniature forest. If you would like to enjoy a day of woodland exhibits, talks and strolls, this event "in the woods" might just be for you! Please go to this "link" about an all-day event near Arlington on August 10 : forestry.wsu.edu/nps/events/fieldday
The Covenant Circle discusses periodical and book and news. Lately the topics have centered on major socioeconomic issues of the times. The discussion is lively and the spirit is convivial.

They meet every Thursday afternoon at 1:30 at Haggen on Division Street. Call Joy Lindberg (360-424-8090) for further information.
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