"The River"
September 26, 10:30 AM

October 3, 2021
Speaker: Miriam Fein
Celebrant: Simme Bobrosky

"The Light of a Smile

Today's sermon is all about why we should smile more. Did you know that a smile can change a life? There are actual benefits from smiling! Miriam will include approaches to smiling from various sources: Rebbe Nachman, the nature Rabbi, Thich Nhat Hanh, Arab wisdom and her own program, Resonant Silence Technique (RST). She brings exercises, stories and songs, as well as new ways to cultivate an inner smile which can then become an outer smile, ultimately lighting up our life.
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Welcome to SUUF and an inspiring lineup of speakers.
Due to revised state guidelines for which we are grateful & will follow, services will remain online for the foreseeable future.  So find a comfortable space, arrange your device so we can see your smiling face easily, and join us as early as 10:15 for a little chat. Services will still start promptly at 10:30.

October 10
Speaker: Charles Katz
"Going Beyond God to our Earth’s Light: a deaf person’s journey”

Charles Katz has had a rare privileged access to language, education, and Judaism. He is deaf. He also has spent 38 years struggling to create a meta-story full of metaphors on the deaf experience (history). Charles will describe how he outgrew Judaism from experiences and stories: Nakai at the Medicine Wheel, the sweat lodges, and reading Dawkins’ work, among others, arguing that weoutgrow or go beyond God to expand one’s spirituality. His final thoughts will include his inner resolve to reach balance and light from living within Gaia’s light on the planet. 

October 17
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Barry Andrews
"The Arc of the Moral Universe"

The quote from Theodore Parker, prominent abolitionist and Transcendentalist Unitarian minister, is “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” This quote was a favorite of Martin Luther King and Barack Obama. Obama had it woven into the rug in the oval office. This sermon addresses two questions: Who was Theodore Parker? and Is it true what he said?
Note from our speaker on 9/5
I hope my talk and discussion with your group met your expectations. I really enjoyed the discussion we had at the end. Y'all clearly are an informed, educated, and caring group of people. This planet needs more people like you to keep it healthy! Mike Steele
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Wednesday, Oct. 6 UUA is hosting a zoom about Voter Suppression and Voting Rights.
7-9 pm ET/4-6pm PT
register: bit.ly/CSW-convening1
Brenda Cook

This is a very recent and formal report from United Nations about global warming I think this is very much related to one of the most recent Sunday talks. Click link below.
Jorge Manzanera
On Sept. 22, Peggy Bissell's ashes were buried in the little Bow Cemetery on Bow Hill Road, near the blueberries, near her beloved home, in the nature she loved so much, next to her mother Molly. Rev. Barbara Gilday, her years-long friend, read these moving words. Click on the link below.
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