"The River"

December 3, 2023

10:30 am

Speaker: Rev. Vincent Lachina

Celebrant: Rosemary Stevens

Living with Our Chosen Family

Each of us has a birth family or adopted family that forms our personal history and in many ways, determines who we are, what we look like, and how we behave. At the same time, each of us has also created a network of other non-family members whom we have chosen as friends, supporters, or loved ones. Often times, it is this Chosen Family that we rely on deeply as we make our life journey from childhood to old age. Who are our chosen family members? How are these chosen? What is their purpose? How does our chosen family compete with or complete our biological families? These are just a few of the questions we'll address as we look at our Chosen Family.

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December Services

December 10

Jonathan Prescott

Telling our Stories

We all tell stories about what has happened to us, whether those events are good or bad. I'd like to tell the story of my recent illness and how it forced me to look deeply within to regain my happiness. I'd also like to talk about how we can use the stories of our lives to overcome self-centeredness and connect deeply with others.

December 17

Book Communion Service

We invite people to join us for a special service focused on books. Like other communion services, participants are encouraged to bring a book to leave for others and will have the opportunity to take a book that someone else has brought. In the spirit of the season we invite you to wrap your book and add the element of surprise to the exchange. 

If you are interested in reading a favorite passage or poem during the service, please contact Anneliese at a.vance.sherman@gmail.com

December 24

Celebrant: Jim Heard

We'll continue our tradition of gathering only on Zoom for this service and spend the time sharing joys & sorrows. We look forward to this shared sense of community, gathering online from wherever we each may be. It is also our 4th Sunday and the beneficiary is Welcome Home Skagit--a local group focused on homeless intervention and prevention. 

Childcare is now available during Sunday services

Listen to previous SUUF services here

SUUF Events and news

Thank you for your generous 4th Sunday donations of $287 to the new Mount Vernon library.

Rose Edington and Mel Hoover have invited interested SUUF members to a party/gathering of BUF's Black Lives Matter Ministry group and those working on creating Beloved Community. It is a great opportunity to connect with our neighbor UU's on things we both care about.  The gathering will be Saturday, December 2 from 2-4pm. If you would like to join us, please reach out to Cory Sevin at 303 564-6065 or corybsevin@gmail for information and carpooling.

Reminder! "Sing Out for Peace" is this coming Sunday night, 12/3, at SUUF.

Potluck, 5:30. Music begins 6pm, until 7:30.... If you want to join online, use the Chalice Circle link (see below Zoom links) for this event. Please invite friends to join us-- this is a time for us to address the current situation in Ukraine and Israel / Gaza as a community.


News from OPOP I received a card from Glennis Durham, grandma of Matt our recently released OPOP friend. It says “Forever grateful for you and your church.” We are planning to welcome Matt on Dec. 3 at our Sunday service and the team will spend some time with him afterwards to catch up on his current situation and needs. Though he is staying in a interim housing place in south Seattle, we are determined to continue the loyalty and friendship that has developed over a couple of years between us. We are thankful for his presence in our lives and hope many of you will get to be his friend as well.

Ginny Darvill

The Spiritual Development committee is pleased to continue SUUF Stories. An hour where we can get to know each other better and hear each other’s stories. The conversation with Rosemary has been rescheduled to December 17th! It will take place on Zoom and in the large classroom at SUUF following the service that day

Movie Night Dec 9

Please join us for the funny and heartwarming holiday movie, Elf. 

Doors open at 7pm, movie starts at 7:30pm. 

Movie run time 1hr 37min. 

Bring your own gingerbread house kit if you'd like to make a gingerbread creation during the movie!

There will be a new Contact list issued in January 2025. If you have new or changed information. Please send email the office skagituu@gmail.com. Thanks, Claire

Happy November Birthdays!

Happy birthday to Linda, Rev. Bill, Rev. Barbara, Yolada A, Nancy, and any others celebrating their special day.

The Covenant Circle is a mid-week gathering, a chance to chat and share with others outside of the Sunday service.

Covenant Circle 

Tuesdays at 5:30. All are welcome! The conversation is wide-ranging and easygoing. ("Who could ask for anything more?")

Zoom link here

Passcode: 407993

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Sunday, December 3, 10:30 AM | Sunday Service 

Tuesday, December 5, 5:30 PM | Covenant Circle/Sing out for Peace

Wednesday, December 13, 7 PM | Board Meeting

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You can send your donation using our online donation link, adding it to the collection basket on Sundays, or by mailing a check to SUUF.

Dec - Welcome Home Skagit

Jan - UU Service Committee UUSC

Feb - TriParish Food Bank/CCS Farmworkers

Mar -Paths to Understanding


Happy Wanderers Wednesday Walking GroupEnjoy a walk in the great outdoors with fellow SUUFers, Due to weather variability, the weekly walk day and time may vary or get changed as the weather is assessed. If folks want the weekly walk info, please contact Linda Kuller 360-420-1506. and she will add you to the texts with walk info and notices of any changes.


If you are attending services in person, drinks or snacks that you bring to share are much appreciated

News from SUUF members and Friends 

This space awaits a photo or poem or news or reminiscence from you when you're ready. Email your contributions to the office.

Community Engagement Corner

What SUUF members are doing in the area of social justice and local organizations and opportunities! 

Susan Estep loves children in her life! Susan worked in preschools and had her own two children who are now grown! Susan now volunteers each week to help young ones learn to read with the Mount Vernon organization Children of the Valley . Susan says “I want children in my life! I love the snuggles and watching my young ones learn to read”!

"This book, by

Seattle author Timothy Egan, is a 2023 historical view of the rise of the KKK. Egan was mentioned in the 11/26 service."

Community events and news

Come to the concert and support Donna Rieper, Linda Kuller and Doreen Sadler singing and Sally Riggers, accompanist on the piano.

Occasionally, we get notification of an event and it is too late to get it in the weekly announcements. If you are interested in getting additional emails about racial/ social/climate/ justice issues please email me at brendundas@outlook.com or call (360) 424-5003.

SUUF winter office hours beginning November 7, are 11 am to 3. Claire

The contact person for OPOP (One Parish, One Prisoner) is Eileen Gribble.

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