"The River"
This Sunday
February 9
 Marking My Love for You
A Congregational Valentine Party
Celebrants: Rosemary Stevens and Sally Riggers
Music: Sally Riggers
Come and make your mark in someone's life! A bookmark that is. We're going to spend our hour together chatting, cooperating and creating love-filled bookmarks to keep or give away in honor of Valentine's Day. The fellowship will provide lots of valentine-themed craft décor. You will provide the creativity, personalization and recipient. Small photos and other FLAT items can be brought from home.The bookmarks will be laminated, cut to size, and ready to take home, all in under an hour. Just remember you have one 8 ½”x11” sheet, room to make three regular sized bookmarks (or 1 really big one). Love songs will be provided as background music or for sing-a-long.
We are opening the Fellowship early on Sunday mornings -- 9:15 AM -- for simply socializing and for regular meetings of various groups and committees. Enticements will include fresh coffee, snacks, and cheer.
 " Build Your Own Theology".   Change this month only Second Sunday after coffee . SUUF will be having a series of discussions based on the UU curriculum,
Our first meeting was after church on the first Sunday in November, Nov 3rd at noon. (Circle of chairs = meeting!) All are welcome to hear about the curriculum, which is available from the the UUA website Bookstore). I suggest that the study group meet once a month for 9 months, until next June to work through book One of the curriculum. We will break down the curriculum into monthly units, suggest some readings and journaling, if people wish to do so (writing, art, song, whatever!),
and discuss our own thoughts and feedback on the topics.

People are welcome to check this out-- no "obligation"!  Monthly meetings with be open to all, as is the basis of our UU theology-- with caring, curiosity, faith-seeking, and respect!
Call Doris, 360-336-3453 for more information.
There will be a memorial service for Allen Lowe at the Lincoln Theater in Mount Vernon at 3:00 PM on February 29th.

Upcoming Services
February 2020
February 16
  Speaker: Jonathan Prescott
Celebrant: Kathy Roche-Zujko
Music: Sally Riggers
Buddhism 101
What do you know about the Buddhist religion? Jonathan will give us an introduction, the core teachings of the Buddha, how different Buddhist schools arose, and how Zen is practiced in our era. The perfect service for you intellectuals and those on a spiritual journey.
February 23
Speaker: Rev. Vincent Lachina
Celebrant: Jim Heard
Music: Sally Riggers
  Bridging the Gap: The Space Between Belief and Behavior
One of the most evident realities in our society today is the concept of hypocrisy, or as it is often stated, “People don’t practice what they preach.” Every day the news media is filled with story after story of individuals or groups who profess one standard of beliefs and yet behave in direct opposition to that belief. The gap between what we believe and how we behave seems to continually widen. Though none of us would like to admit that we are guilty of that failure, the truth is, we are. It might be wise to take some time to think about how our own behavior sometimes does not match what we say we believe. Let’s examine that gap.
Happy February birthdays!!!  Best wishes to Eileen, Pete,Russell, and any others celebrating your special day this month.
Dear Skagit Folks,

Hello, I am a former minister at SUUF and also a playwright. My play is premiering in Shoreline on Feb. 23 and I am confident it will be of interest to your congregation. Any questions, please call me at 425-750-0711. Cheers, Amanda Aikman
New “Resistance Drama” by UU minister premieres Feb. 23, 29, March 1
Would you be foolhardy enough to make a defiant gesture to a dictator? To her own shock, Helen, a risk-averse bureaucrat, finds herself doing just that. Immediately, her wife and son -- as well as her livelihood and freedom -- are severely threatened. This fast-moving drama challenges audiences to ask themselves, "Would I have the moral courage to risk everything for freedom?"
“Risk/Benefit” is an exciting hour-long drama that will have its world premiere at Shoreline Unitarian Universalist Church in late February. It will be presented as a staged reading. An open discussion will follow.
Quotes from early readers: "I love your play! It's so ominous, but also so hopeful and it shows the impact that one small act can have." "I started and could not put it down." "I started reading your play…and read it all at once!"
The playwright, Rev. Amanda Aikman, serves as Temporary Minister at Shoreline UU Church. She has had a dozen plays produced, and has won 14 national contests for her writing. The director, Carissa Meisner Smit, has extensive directing experience at theaters throughout the Seattle area.
Performances are at Shoreline UU Church, 14724 1 st Ave NE, Shoreline on Sunday, Feb. 23 at 2 pm, and Saturday, Feb. 29 at 7 pm. Tickets .
There will be a third performance at Prospect Congregational United Church of Christ, 1919 East Prospect, Seattle on Sunday, March 1 at 1 pm. Tickets .
Tickets may be purchased through Brown Paper Tickets or at the door. All seats $10. Not recommended for children under 12.
Income tax contribution forms. I'm working on the annual letter, stating your contributions to SUUF in 2019, to be used when you file your 2019 tax returns. If you need this information before I send our letters, please contact the office and I'll get one to you. Thanks, Claire
New poll shows mental health and homelessness are at the top of the list of 
concerns for WA voters for this 2020 legislative session(Croscut Poll). TASA
(Theater Arts for Social Action) brings this issue home to Mt. Vernon in a new
drama production called “There’s no Place
like Home” @ the Lincoln Theater, February 15th
6:30-7pm silent fundraising art auction; 7pm the show starts. Ticket price for
the event is by donation.

As your Christian Mission, I’m sure your staff and congregation would be interested in this important and present issue. Stella Ireland who brought us $40 and a Bus Ticket last year is again script writing, producing, and directing this reading drama. She has interviewed many homeless people to discover a variety of
life-histories and predicaments that face our homeless population. We in the general population are often too busy to take notice but Stella’s riveting real-life stories will surely grab your attention. The drama is followed by a panel discussion by community leaders seeking solutions to this issue. 
All donations from the preshow silent art auction will benefit the Skagit Valley College Second Chance Garth H.Arneson Memorial Scholarship.
Cross, TASA joaninbhutan@yaho.com
This space awaits a photo or poem or news or reminiscence from you, when you're ready. Email your contributions to the office.
Covenant Circle meets Wednesdays.
We are living in a time both fascinating and terrifying. Please come and add your reflections as we discuss magazines, books, the news, and life.

Every Wednesay afternoon at 1:30 at Haggen on Division Street in Mount Vernon. Call Joy Lindberg (360-424-8090) for further information.
Soup-er Sunday 4th Sunday each month. Stay after the service for a delicious bowl of soup and bread $6. If you would like to help make soup contact Greg Sherman at 360 421-0633 or gregorysherman@gmail.com
Soup-er Sunday fundraiser goal - pay off the mortgage on our building! Beginning in October, 2019 , soup money will go to separate mortage payoff account.
For the children   CRE with Maddie Schleif Sunday 10:30 am.
The smaller babies room has a speaker system installed. If you should need to leave the service, you can still hear everything in there..
Activities hosted at Diversity Hall ( See flyers and information posted on the Renters Bulletin Board in the hall.)
Spiritual Movement Exploration
With Andra Heath
March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30.  

We will come together weekly for some light instruction about how the human body moves. Then together we explore movements to enhance the spirit within us. Finally, self-exploration is encouraged. Find your own "feel-good" movements as music plays in the background. It is for all ages.
Come for;    Emotional and Physical Healing
better Mobility
and just plain Feeling Good. 
5 weekly sessions each Monday night in March 2020 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Suggested donation $5 each week or $20 for all 5 weeks paid in advance.
Office Administrator, Newsletter : Claire Phillips skagituu@gmail.com Hours: Tue. & Thur. 12-4 pm

Worship Team Leader : Sally Riggers suufmusic@gmail.com

Board contact: Jim Heard james.heard@skagituuf.com