Dear Friends and Allies, 

It is with inspiration, and the wish to bring a spark of hope and a useful tool at a time of great upheaval - that we announce the November 1st, 2017 launch of the Women's Earth and Climate Action Network initiative,  'Women Speak: Stories, Case Studies And Solutions From The Frontlines Of Climate Change'!

This extensive online research database and initiative responds to the urgent need, identified by WECAN and many diverse allies, for a compilation of qualitative evidence, and a readily accessible repository of examples of women leading struggles and solutions for climate justice around the world. The database is designed as a tool to be leveraged by
frontline Earth defenders, policymakers, journalists, activists, educators, students and all those seeking to understand and demonstrate why and how women are paramount to action on climate change.

We know that women - who are disproportionately impacted by climate change worldwide , and simultaneously essential to sustainability solutions -  must be engaged at all levels of participation, leadership and decision-making to build effective and just social and ecological programs and communities. And yet - the voice and rights of women often continue to be suppressed and ignored. As CNN and Media Matters have reported, only 15%
of those interviewed in the media on climate change have been women.

'Women Speak: Stories, Case Studies And Solutions From The Frontlines Of Climate Change' seeks to offer the resources, evidence and inspiration needed to shift the narrative, and challenge dominant systems of exploitation and oppression of women and the Earth through an accessible and ever-growing database of information, research and multimedia storytelling. 

We look forward to sharing more updates with you as we look towards the November 1st launch - and hope that you will join us in exploring and sharing this resource widely.

If you have questions, or are interested in contributing stories to 'Women Speak' - please contact us here. To keep this and other WECAN programs expanding and deepening for years to come, please donate here.

If you have not already, please joins us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest WECAN news and calls to action!
For the Earth and All Generations, 

Osprey Orielle Lake
Founder and Executive Director
Women's Earth and Climate Action Network