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Announcing: BSA News Forum
March 28, 2012



My firm has created a website, BSA News Forum, for Residential Mortgage Lenders and Originators (RMLOs) that are mandated to comply with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) guidelines pertaining to the Anti-Money Laundering Program required by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

As you know, for the first time FinCEN will require nonbank RMLOs to implement an Anti-Money Laundering program (AML Program) and file Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) for certain loan transactions.  FinCEN is establishing this AML program in accordance with the Bank Secrecy Act ("BSA"). The guidelines relating to the AML requirement become effective on April 16, 2012, and the AML Program's effective compliance date is August 13, 2012.



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The BSA News Forum website has interactive, discussion facilities and is shared through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
Articles and interactive discussions will be regularly posted on BSA News Forum, as well as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter in order to keep viewers and participants informed.

We welcome proposals for news and articles to be posted on the BSA News Forum.

Lenders Compliance Group is pleased to make this commitment to administer, monitor, maintain, and continually update the BSA News Forum.


Visit Website-Click Here


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