Coming Soon . . . Fallen Blossoms, Blooming in Winter
The Empty Hand Zen Center announces 
the Spring 2017 publication of...

"Fallen Blossoms, Blooming in Winter"

A lyrical, hard cover book of photographs, articles, poems, tributes and memories honoring our dear, late teacher Tokudo Jion Susan Postal.
Please tell us if you are interested in ordering one or more copies of "Fallen Blossoms." This will help us keep our costs down, because we will know how many books to print. The more we print, the less costly the book will be. 

THIS IS A SURVEY, NOT  AN ORDER FOR THE BOOK. Information to actually submit an order will be sent to you within a few weeks.
The cost of publishing the book will be
approximately $19.50 (give or take a few dollars), but we  will try to lower the costs, if possible. We will know the exact cost to publish the book in a few weeks, which depends on number of copies printed, number of pages and photos, etc.  All monies will be handled as a donation to the  Empty Hand Zen Center.
If you now are fairly sure you'd like to order a copy or copies,
please send your contact information and an indication of the number of copies you are interested in ordering to Frank Daigan Raddock at: 

***Note: Please put "Fallen Blossoms Survey" in the subject line of your email to Frank.

We will send you book order details soon.

Many thanks from Empty Hand and the staff of Fallen Blossoms!

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