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Announcing “GREAT TREES” RP3 Patch
“Great Trees” is the newest patch in P.R.A.Y.’s Bible Basic RP3 Series.

“We sometimes take trees and our planet for granted. But the Bible uses great trees to teach us important lessons about being rooted in Scripture, responding to God through worship, and God’s transforming power!”

This opening excerpt introduces “Great Trees,” the newest patch in the RP3 Series. As we head into spring and anticipate the budding of trees, use the following lessons to remind us that we can be agents of change and experience new growth that is possible only through God:
Story #1: A Tree Planted by Streams of Water
When we are planted in God’s Word, we are choosing the best path.
Story #2: Great Trees, Tents, and an Altar
When we believe God’s promises, our first response should be worship. No matter where we go, we can find a sacred place and worship God.
Story #3: Trees in the Desert
All nature points to Creator God. God’s handiwork reveals God’s character.
“Great Trees” is a companion patch to the existing “Trees” patch which focuses on trusting and obeying God in order to grow strong and fruitful.
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New Patch Supports GSUSA Tree Promise

P.R.A.Y. is launching the “Great Trees” patch to coincide with GSUSA’s “Girl Scout Tree Promise” – an initiative to plant five million trees across the country in five years.
The Bible teaches that we are to be good stewards of the earth. The “Great Trees” patch helps to connect the Girl Scout Tree initiative to our foundation of faith and strengthen our resolve to care for the environment as people of faith. Planting trees can be less a task and more a calling to honor God and God’s beautiful creation.

Click here for more information about the Girl Scout Tree Promise.
Girl Scout CEO’s Sponsor Patch
Great Trees Sponsored by Girl Scout CEO’s Serving on P.R.A.Y. Executive Board

Girl Scouts have always been a part of the P.R.A.Y. organization. The P.R.A.Y. Board of Directors includes representatives from local Girl Scout councils. The following Girl Scout CEO’s from the 2020 P.R.A.Y. National Board together are sponsors of the Great Trees patch:

Tracy Keller – CEO Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast, Chesapeake, VA
Roni Luckenbill – CEO Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, Cincinnati, OH
Vikki Shepp – CEO Girl Scouts of Orange County, Irvine, CA
Joy Wheeler – CEO Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri, Kansas City, MO

Thank you, Girl Scout CEO’s, for your leadership and passion in supporting Faith Based Initiatives within the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. Thank you for sponsoring the Great Trees patch!
Trees and Great Trees … Two Tree Patches?

“Great Trees” is a companion patch to the existing “Trees” patch. Trees was launched in 2018 and if girls have already earned the Trees patch, we wanted another patch available for them to pair with the Girl Scout Tree initiative.
This serves to highlight the intent of the RP3 series to always grow and continue to expand. Even though we have a patch called “Out of the Water,” one day we hope to have “Come to the Water.” Even though we have a “Boulders” patch, one day we hope to have “On this Rock” and even “Living Stones.” Even though we have a “Trees” patch, we are pleased to announce “Great Trees.” 
Online Workshop to earn “Trees” Patch
Trust and obey God in order to grow strong and fruitful.
-Presenter: Krissy Richardson, P.R.A.Y. volunteer writer and presenter and Children’s Ministry Director of Grace Baptist Church in Warren, Oregon.

-Children must attend with a parent or guardian. The adult will be an active participant, i.e., discussion will be directed to adult/child/children groups and encourage interaction between them.

-The workshop schedule consists of 3 sessions (each session is 45 minutes) with 1 short break (15 minutes) and 1 long break (1 hour). Here are the starting and ending times by time zone:

Pacific          8am - noon
Mountain      9am - 1pm
Central         10am - 2pm
Eastern        11am - 3pm

-There is a $5 fee for the cost of the patch including shipping.

Register today!
  • Have fun reading the Bible and growing in faith!
  • Interact with a parent/guardian or other adult who cares for you.
  • Learn what RP3 is all about and practice using it for Bible study.
  • If you are in a scouting program, earn a patch for your uniform to show that faith is important to you!
Wanted: RP3 Presenters
Do you have experience teaching RP3?
Is there a patch you're especially passionate about?
Are you interested in presenting an online workshop?

P.R.A.Y. is scheduling more virtual RP3 sessions and looking for volunteer presenters beginning in May. Contact P.R.A.Y. at and enter RP3 into the subject line.
My Promise, My Faith (MPMF) is a program to connect Girl Scouting with faith. The MPMF requirements can be combined with the Bible Basics RP3 series. Combining MPMF and RP3 provides a ready-made program for Christian Girl Scouts to earn both awards.

· Girl Scouts attend one event and earn 2 recognitions.
· Churches have a ready-made Christian curriculum.
· Churches can learn about Girl Scouting.
· It is an easy way to engage churches in helping Girl Scouts grow in faith.

· Overview and Rationale
· Sample schedule
· Chart matching MPMF & RP3
· MPMF+RP3 Handouts
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