Announcing Italy 2020 

May 12 - 20th  

Photo credit: Giovanni D'Anca
Naples Italy seaside - Castell del'Ovo in the background  

Food not Meds is known for many things, among them, recipes for a healthful diet. Today I'm offering a different kind of recipe. It's a recipe for life itself, for learning how to really live, how to be resilient, for making the most of what we are given, and for stepping back into a culture that hasn't changed in centuries. Imagine what we can learn from them.

But, here's the thing, you must do it right. You have to know where you are going, what you are seeing, and you need to do it with a local connection as your guide.

The 2020 Lifestyle Excursion is much more than a vacation offering an entirely different experience and is the best recipe that I can offer.

It's a recipe for a life well lived in both the bustling city of Naples and the tranquility of the Amalfi Coast of Italy. It's a recipe for returning home with a new perspective on life and living well. See some of the highlights in a quick video  here.

Group size is intimate - a minimum 15 people and a maximum of 20 - small enough for personal attention and large enough to meet other interesting like-minded travelers wanting an authentic Italian lifestyle experience. 

Access all details are here.  Please remember to scroll past the first page of the details as many highlights and photos are provided.  

If you would like to be on the early interest list, or if you would like to reserve your spot, send a quick message here.

Buon Viaggio!


Carol Amendola-D'Anca | Longevity Thought Leader
Board Certified Nutrition Practitioner, International Speaker, Best Selling Author and Host  of the 2020 Italian Lifestyle Excursion 

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