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August 20, 2019
Insights from
Lisa Mitzel

Have you seen your athlete underperform? Or lack motivation? Or maybe they try too hard and become self-critical? These are common, and a big problem is that we get surprised. Or maybe disappointed or frustrated. We think to ourselves, Why did she do that? She’s way better than that. She’s not even trying.
We forget — that those mistakes are important, athletes need to struggle and doubt themselves, because that is part of the process. Understand that when you respond with negative words and emotions, athletes will likely do anything to avoid that. When athletes avoid, they don’t take risks. When athletes don’t take risks, we are engineering smallness.

What can we do to build confidence? Trust. When we trust the process, we are patient, knowing they will experience many difficulties and still rise up and conquer. With trust, we are instilling our confidence and belief in them — and that takes time.

Consider the vital importance of educating coaches and being positive and wise with athletes in this sensitive time in sports. Read below about a NEW online coaching course to create an elevated environment, safe, and positive, and to support you, your staff, and athletes to be more successful.

ANNOUNCING the NEW Online Coaching Course & Certification from IGC University and Lisa Mitzel: Positive Psychology, Communication & Athlete Safety is launching today!

Based on the book, Focused and Inspired: Keeping Our Athletes Safe in a Win-at-All-Costs World by Lisa Mitzel, we can continue to evolve as a coaching community.

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Early Reviews:
“The practice quiz helped, the test was easy, and the information is very good. We need to develop coaches and this exam provides models and exercises for positive, effective behavior.”
   ~ Cassie Rice, Gymcats owner, coach of U.S. national team members and olympians

“ I really like the information in Focused and Inspired . Taking the online course made me think about my coaching and how I can handle situations better.”
  ~ Beth Gardner, Heart of Texas Gymnastics owner, coach, & national educator
For athletes, there need to be safe environments to train in. Because when they train hard, they also experience different emotions. They get uncomfortable, nervous, scared, or hurt. They cannot have a "game face" every day. It's UNWISE & UNHEALTHY to stuff it down all the time.

So they need:
- to be able to talk and share their feelings 
- to understand the difference between simply being tough & being wise about their mind and body 
- to be positive partners with their coaches 
- to feel our support and be emotionally safe.  

For us as coaches and parents, we may consider the importance in 

What is that? 
Bren é Brown shares a description of Psychologically Safe Environments in her book, Dare to Lead . In this environment, people believe that when they make a mistake, others will not penalize them or think less of them for it; others will not resent or humiliate them when they ask for help. 

Athletes need to be emotionally safe -- they need to have the ability and support from coaches and parents to feel vulnerable and safe at the same time. When they are struggling with a skill, or sitting out with an injury, we will not dismiss them. When they feel frustrated, we will understand they are already vulnerable, and they can slow down, try different approaches, and safely navigate their resistance, nerves and fears. That we as coaches and parents will not get impatient, angry, or blame them for not trying harder. 

Hard work and winning is great, but recognize that we are teachers and coaches, first -- to guide an athlete, positively, through difficulty is our top priority. To make sure that each young athlete is striving with a sense of inner motivation, safety, and well-being. Because that is when they will be most brave and that is when we all win together .
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Lisa coached 150 athletes and 40 coaches, and sold out of her books at Region 5 Training Camp in Fort Wayne, IN. At USA Gymnastics National Congress in Kansas City, her talk on Slo-Motion Visualizing was a hit, and she sold out of her books again. If you’re in the sports world, it is an honor for Lisa to travel, educate, and inspire positive coaching, confident athletes, and success.

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Focused and Inspired is dedicated to every athlete who has ever been hurt by the misuse of power in sports, and especially dedicated to the athlete-survivors of sexual abuse, who are still healing, and who spoke up and shared their stories. You are so brave! Thank you for helping others to speak up and begin to heal.
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