An interactive eBook with full-color illustrations now available on
An interactive eBook
with full-color illustrations and photos
What happens when people keep monkeys as pets? Is it ethical to use monkeys in biomedical and pharmaceutical research? What about the use of primates in entertainment? How do our purchasing choices harm their habitats? What is the impact upon these animals as endangered species?

In an easy storytelling format, fictional events among young people reveal what happens when human and nonhuman primates live with or near each other. Rich with full-color illustrations, photos, maps, and more, the book's target audience is pre-teens, teens, and young adults, although it will surely be equally enjoyed by an older audience.

Interactive elements let you highlight text and automatically transfer passages to Notes or Flash Cards, access dictionary definitions and Wikipedia by simply tapping a word, zoom in on photos and graphics, and jump around within the book without losing your place. You can even use the flashcards that you've created to test and score yourself on your knowledge.

"People and Other Primates" empowers readers to help our fellow primates whose futures today's youths hold in their hands. It seeks to stir thoughts about conservation, habitat preservation, the ethics behind how we treat our fellow primates, and the importance of allowing wild animals to fulfill their natural roles in their native habitats. Learn more >
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