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Announcing “SHEEP” RP3 Patch
There are many stories in the Bible about sheep. During Jesus’ time, sheep were considered prized possessions. The Bible often compares sheep to people. Read about sheep to discover how valuable and priceless you are to God.
Story #1: The Lost Sheep
We are spiritually lost and need a Savior. Jesus is our Savior!
Story #2: The Good Shepherd and His Sheep
Jesus calls us by name. Let's follow Him!
Story #3: The Sheep and the Goats
When we love God and respond to God’s love by caring for those around us, we receive eternal life. 
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Former PRAY Board Director Sponsors RP3 Patch
Dr. William A. Bridgforth, Jr. and his wife Betsy are proud sponsors of "Sheep" - the newest RP3 patch.

Bill and Betsy are longtime friends of PRAY. Not only are they donors on the highest tier in the PRAY Annual Report, Bill served many years on the PRAY Board, including a term as Secretary, and elected Member Emeritus in 2003.

The Bridgforth's are passionate about their faith. And that's why they proposed a new patch. Bill and Betsy chose the stories, submitted a proposal, and now are proud sponsors of the Sheep patch. Why sheep? Because this patch “shares the Gospel salvation message and could lead a
participant to the Lord.”
Go to the P.R.A.Y. webstore to download your free "Sheep" curriculum and purchase the new patch today!
Stories to Inspire
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