A New Online Contact List for
VMC Member Organizations

As you know, VMC communicates with your organization using email. Maintaining the list of the people within your organization who should receive VMC emails has been a less-than-efficient process.

To remedy that, a new online system is now in place which will:
  • Provide a better way to review who within your organization is getting VMC emails.
  • Provide easy online requests for needed changes.
  • Be useful for you to easily find and contact people at each VMC Member Organization, the VMC Officers, and contacts at Hagerty.
  • Provide easy clickable email links to initiate an email to any person on the Contact List.
  • Provide an always up-to-date Contact List.

Here Is How It Works

After clicking the link below, your browser will be directed to the new webpage, “CONTACT INFO FOR VMC MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS.”

The list is sorted by Organization, making it easy to review who within your organization should deleted and who you'd like to add.

Please review the CONTACT INFO and let us know of any needed changes. Requesting needed changes is really EASY!
When viewing list of contacts, at the top of the webpage are two links:
  • One to an online form to ADD someone to the VMC email list.
  • The other to an online form to request a DELETION or an Edit to an existing contact.
It takes less than minute to submit a change. Your request will be reviewed and quickly posted.

By way of background, all those on the Contact List receive all VMC emails including the periodic emails regarding Incident/Sanctions. You'll note a few contacts have opted to ONLY get the Incident/Sanctions emails (color coded in red). This is to help them with their duties of reviewing entrants from outside your organization (You know, possible bad-guy interlopers) and also to report new Incidents and Sanction.

To be sure the appropriate people are getting VMC communications,
Then please let us know of needed changes.

(Hint: After getting to the website, you might bookmark it for easy use at any time in the future.)

If you have questions or suggestions for this new VMC communications tool, please feel free to just reply to this email.

Thanks, Officers of VMC
Officers@the-vmc.com (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer)
Website: www.the-vmc.com