The Outreach & Community Engagement Committee is excited to announce our first round of grantees!

The St. Paul's Outreach & Community Engagement Committee has been meeting weekly to develop and launch our COVID-19 Relief Fund. Within the first two weeks we received over 30 applications totaling more than $300,000 in requests. In our first round of grant-making, which occurs on a rolling basis, we funded 14 organizations and granted about $92,000. Below is a list of our initial grantees with links to their websites (click the name of the organization to learn more).

Primary consideration is given to:

  • Organizations (businesses and non-profits) that are serving, working, or based within communities that St. Paul’s has a relationship with - families in East End of RVA, housing/food insecure in RVA, and our friends in Mwitikira, Tanzania. 

  • Organizations addressing the broad set of needs that are emerging from the COVID-19 health crisis as well as hardships created by the stay-at-home measures including food access, childcare, housing, health services delivery, education, etc. 

Ways to continuing supporting this fund can be found below the list of grantees.

More about our Outreach & Community Engagement Committee: HERE .

Questions or requests can be directed to Lynn Williams, Director of Outreach & Community Engagement: .

Adhering to these guidelines, the following 14 organizations have been
chosen to receive grants to support their continued work.
With unemployment growing by the day, ACTS envisions seeing hundreds of more people who are in financial crisis, especially those from closed service industry businesses, such as hotels and restaurants that employ a large number of low income people. With moratoriums having been set for evictions and utility disconnects, ACTS expects to be flooded with requests when those restrictions are lifted.

The Birdhouse Farmers Market, open May through November, is located in the Randolph neighborhood with no grocery store or other significant commercial activity. The market has a two-part mission: to help local farmers and food providers connect directly to their local customers and, equally important, to provide Richmond families access to fresh, locally grown and produced foods and foster a sense of community among people from diverse backgrounds. BFM is one of the only farmer's markets in the Richmond area that provides matching dollars for SNAP/EBT (food stamp) purchases.

Our fully accredited, private, Christian high school serves nearly 45 students and focuses on academic achievement, character development, and service to the community. These funds will be used to support CHAT’s COVID-19 response work through the Summer of 2020 to support students and families primarily located in Richmond’s East End.

The children and families we serve are reporting an increase in stress, symptoms, and issues related to social isolation. We anticipate the acuity of the cases we see to continue to rise. Despite our growth and reach, we anticipate the need for our services to eclipse our capacity as we continue to move through this challenging time.

Circles RVA is now addressing an unmet need by partnering with families on the fence between surviving and thriving. These families are ready, willing, and able to work towards stability. We provide the social network, financial tools and emotional encouragement that activate their economic growth.

Funding will go toward purchasing the new, additional personal protective equipment we will need to keep our volunteers healthy on site. Even after the shelter in place order is lifted, individuals and groups may understandably feel uneasy about returning as volunteers and we need to reassure them by doing all we can to protect their personal health and safety.

The Neighborhood volunteers are currently walking with over 250 people who struggle and fight every day. They are fighting something called substance use disorders, also known as addictions. They are supporting and encouraging the people living in 23 (and growing!) recovery houses.

Covid-19 is a late arrival to East Africa. But it has begun to spread in the central region of Tanzania where Mwitikira is located. It is only a question of time before it arrives in the village, which has only rudimentary health care. Our objective is to provide tools that will help limit the spread of the virus within the village.   

We have had to suspend all programs and focus all of our efforts into expanding our food access program, the most urgent area of need articulated to us by Greater Fulton residents. NRC was founded to build relationships, advocate for positive change, share resources, and develop skills to enhance residents’ lives in Greater Fulton through our programs and partnerships.

OAR of Richmond, Inc. is Richmond, Virginia's leading reentry service provider working with adults that are currently incarcerated or recently released. Our mission is to provide evidence based and person-centered approaches to empower our participants to find individual success. Funds will be used to provide food vouchers, hygiene/cleaning items that SNAP doesn't cover and emergency housing assistance to those clients impacted by job loss/layoffs during COVID-19.

RE:work RICHMOND’s mission is to reduce the level of poverty in the East End of Richmond by preparing and connecting East End heads-of-household with the right family-sustaining career. Our commitment is to partner with each RE:work participant until they are employed in a job that sustains their family.

The Capital Area Agency on Aging assists low income older adults and caregivers to remain in their homes and community. Help includes meals, food, transportation, in home care, personal supplies, help with utilities, rent, mortgage and emergency assistance.

These funds will benefit our “Grown to Go” Mobile Market which is our most versatile program and asset. This highly collaborative program increases physical and economic access to fresh produce in the areas of Richmond where it is most needed. Through sustainable agriculture and hands-on experiences, Shalom Farms works with communities to ensure access to healthy food, and the support to lead healthy lives.

All YMCA facilities and programs are open to all. Our financial assistance program promotes access to all facilities, programs, and services. We work closely with our communities to ensure our programs are designed to meet critical needs and support our most vulnerable neighbors.
Help Us Make a Collective Impact

Applications continue to roll in each week, as the needs in our community grow. You can be a part of helping St. Paul's support these organizations by donating to our COVID-19 Relief Fund , sharing the application with organizations or businesses you know that fit the criteria for funding and by learning more about these organizations and supporting their work directly.