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December 6, 2012
Dear Friends:

We are delighted to share the good news:  the seed of Child Justice, Inc. has sprouted: now we need the sunshine and sparkling water of your goodwill and support so that we can grow and thrive!

Who we care about and what we do:
  • Child Justice advocates for abused, neglected and at-risk children failed by systems that should protect them.
  • Child Justice works with local, state and national advocates, legal and mental health professionals and experts within the broad spectrum of child abuse, neglect, interpersonal violence and trauma. 
  • Child Justice is committed to serve the unseen and unheard children in custody cases where child abuse and domestic violence exist but are ignored or minimized.  
  • Child Justice's services include court watch in MD/VA/DC, emotional support for the protective parent/relative, and referrals to community services. 
  • Child Justice may seek pro bono counsel for lower or appellate court proceedings for protective parents in financial distress.
  • Child Justice submits/signs on Amicus Curiae Briefs as an organization or in collaboration with other local and national like-minded groups.
  • Child Justice provides public policy recommendations based on our first-hand knowledge of how courts and child protection systems respond - or fail to respond - to a vulnerable child's urgent need for protection. 
  • Child Justice works with local and national media to make sure that children's stories are told and the why and how of change is heard.    

Many of you replied to our last update, thanking us for forging on and wanting to know when & where you could make a gift for our work.


To advance our mission, Child Justice is collaborating with First Star, Inc., a nationally-recognized 501(c)(3) organization devoted to advocacy on behalf of children.  During the initial period of our collaboration

First Star will be accepting donations for our efforts.  

Such donations will be deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.  


Please make your checks payable to "First Star", write

"FBO Child Justice, Inc." on the check memo 

line and mail
it to: 

First Star (Child Justice, Inc.)
901 K St., N.W.  Ste. 700
Washington, D.C. 20001


Thank you for your encouragement and belief in us; we could not do this without you!


With our warm thanks,  


Eileen King, Executive Director

Shelley Rubin, LICSW  Board Chair

Child Justice, Inc. 


815-301-5516 fax 



                                    Thank You...

After learning that my daughter and grandchildren were victims of spousal rape and child abuse. I was desperately looking to help them escape. It was a horrible, fearful time in our lives. I was unprepared for it and begged God to help us.


You see, as a mother your child and grandchildren truly do look to you to protect them and keep them safe. I had no idea how to accomplish my goal. I knew nothing about navigating the legal system and the mere thought was terrifying.


Eileen King became the beacon of light on this long, dark and frightening road. I had never encountered abuse in my family before. I had to find a way to keep them safe and try to make them whole again. Eileen helped me, many many times, to find our way out and to safety. 


Whenever she spoke to us, she calmed our fears. She provided legal representation and advised us on what to ask for. Her efforts were tireless and best of all they worked! This enabled us to get the much needed therapy and gave us hope.


I really don't know what we would have done if Eileen hadn't been there. I can only say I feared the worst. This included the threats of death, never ending stalking, terror and the continued torture of my child and grandchildren which they had endured for years.


Because of Eileen's help, my child and grandchildren now live an almost normal life. We are all, of course, still cautious and diligent about their safety as the abuser is now free. They are alive and doing well and they are best of all happy. Occasionally we hit a snag in the road, which is to be expected. I am so thankful to know I have Eileen to help us if needed.


We all smile again, and there was a time I didn't think we ever would. Eileen was the light in that dark terrifying part of our lives. I can and do smile every time I think about her and we thank God for her!


A grateful Grandmother