Take a Look at the Conference At-A-Glance
We’re rolling out the PNSQC 2020 schedule for the conference this October 12-14. 

Check out when Keynotes will start, which technical presentations will be on which days, and which workshops to tune in to. Plus, there’s an added panel discussion, and opportunities to network.

As a bonus, all presentations will be recorded, and available to conference registrants to view again and again. We know work, life, and unforeseen situations come up all the time, and we want to be sure you can access all of PNSQC 2020, on your time.
Why You Need to Take Michael Larsen's Accessibility Testing Workshop
Improving your software’s accessibility means more people can effectively use it, and testing for accessibility helps you get there.

At this year’s conference, Michael Larsen — a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer with Socialtext/PeopleFluent who also writes the blog TESTHEAD — will be presenting the workshop “Add Some Accessibility to Your Day.” He will get you started integrating accessibility tools — most of them free! — and testing into your site development life cycle. 

This year, workshops are included with your conference registration, so be sure to plan to tune in live on Wednesday, October 14. But, you can get a sneak peak of this workshop now.

Michael put together a talk trailer for his upcoming presentation, where he answers questions about what to expect in the workshop, and why integrating accessibility is so important.
PNSQC Appreciation
“This [2019] is my 10th year coming to PNSQC. I love this conference. I love the size of it. I love the focus of it. I like the way that they go about picking the topics.

I actually really appreciate the fact that they focus on doing papers, and publishing those papers, because that gives some of us who don’t have ‘academic cred’ something that we can point to and go ‘look, here are things I’ve actually written and are published in proper proceedings under academic guidelines.’

That matters in certain places and they’ve actually been — not necessarily deciding factors — but they’ve definitely been tick ups when talking to people about jobs or taking on responsibilities. And it’s pretty neat to be able to come back and have that.”

Michael Larsen, PNSQC 2020 Workshop Facilitator