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Heidi Maderia named as First Executive Director.
The Board of Directors for CT-AIMH is pleased to announce that Heidi Maderia, MS, will begin work as its first Executive Director on September 1, 2014.
Heidi is known to many for her work as Director of the Family Resource Center in Enfield, as training coordinator for Building Blocks in Southeastern CT, as conference coordinator for CT-AIMH in 2011, and currently coordinating the infant mental health child care workshops through CT-AIMH/CHDI/OEC.

Heidi was instrumental in developing the early childhood mental health trainings for Building Blocks (now Child FIRST at UCFS).  One of those trainings was the Overview of and Train the Trainers for DC:0-3revised. She attended the League of States Retreat in 2008 to learn about the Competencies and Endorsement process prior to CT-AIMH offering the Endorsement.  Here is a comment from Heidi about her new position:

"I am so excited and honored to be working for the Connecticut Association for Infant Mental Health.  When we care for children, and care about whether or not they will develop to their fullest potential, then we must work together to protect, promote and preserve the powerful first relationships.  I can't wait to begin this important work with all of you" 

We are delighted to have Heidi working with us and know that her very competent organizational skills and abilities to learn quickly and to assimilate new information and contacts will move the work of CT-AIMH forward in Connecticut.

Heidi will also serve as our new Endorsement Coordinator as we say goodbye and congratulations to Tanika Simpson.  (read next article)

Tanika Simpson Begins Doctoral Work

We say goodbye to Tanika Simpson who has served as our Endorsement Coordinator for two years.  Tanika leaves to begin her doctoral work at the University of Connecticut in the Department of Family Studies.  We are so happy for her.  We will miss Tanika's sensitive and compassionate way in which she promoted the Competencies and Endorsement in Infant Mental Health.  We wish her well in her studies and look forward to her continued promotion of infant mental health.  


NOVEMBER 20, 2014
at the WoodWinds in Branford
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Three  positions are open at Child FIRST.  

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