Integrated Marine Biosphere Research
IMBeR 'Fellows' launched
IMBeR is delighted to announce that we have launched our ‘IMBeR Fellows programme.

We have appointed 11 ‘Fellows’ and they form a diverse group of experts which act as an additional advisory board. IMBeR is intentionally broad and interdisciplinary (see IMBeR’s Science Plan and Implementation Strategy 2016-2025), and we recognise that strategic decision-making can be improved by having additional experts to draw upon. The Fellows have therefore been chosen specifically because their expertise complements that which is already represented by our Scientific Steering Committee.

Many of the Fellows have served in various roles for IMBeR, such as being on the Scientific Steering Committee, being involved in IMBeR’s Regional Programmes and Working Groups, and giving keynote presentations at IMBeR conferences.

Please join us in welcoming the new IMBeR Fellows and full details of the Fellows can be found here.