Announcing MPDS v13.3 and PPDS v6.2

We're excited to announce the release of Medical Priority Dispatch System TM v13.3 and Police Priority Dispatch System TM v6.2 as part of ProQA ® v5.1.1.33 maintenance release.

Among the key updates and improvements highlighted below, please note:
  • In the MPDS v13.3 we've included the new Coronavirus-Specific EIDS Tool.
  • In the PPDS v6.2 we've created a Critical Apprehension Description Essential (CADE) for specific critical incident types. Use of CADE can expand based on user feedback from this initial release.

 You can request the latest version of ProQA and complete MPDS v13.3 and PPDS v6.2 update guides on the Priority Dispatch ® Software Download site, as well as download Update Presentations for each that will walk you through the updates. Please follow the link to request access.
Coronavirus Screening in MPDS v13.3, v13.2, & v13.1
New Coronavirus-Specific EIDS Tool
EIDS tool renamed and adjusted to identify symptoms related to Coronavirus.  
An altered Determinant Code on Protocol 26 to help agencies track and potentially alter their response when appropriate (26-A-12 Coronavirus Illness (suspected))
For more information about the 2019-nCoV EIDS tool or for help configuring the tool, please use the link below to request access to necessary documents.
New in MPDS v13.3
Case Exit Protocol:  New scripts for 3rd and 4th party callers.  
THREATENED MISCARRIAGE and STILLBIRTH incidents are better managed with new Sub-Chief Complaints and workflows. 
New Protocol 39 ACTIVE ASSAILANT (SHOOTER)  added with associated Fast Track and critical caller instructions. 
New in MPDS v13.2
Pulse Check Diagnostic:  Added the ability for EMDs to manually enter heart rate reported from a wearable device.  
Case Entry Protocol:  The LOW MECHANISM Sub-Chief Complaint for Protocol 29 is now limited to incidents involving 1st or 2nd party callers.  
Protocols 6 and 19, BREATHING and HEART PROBLEMS / AICD:  
Additional comment boxes added to two Key Question answers to record additional information.  
Case Exit Panel X-3:  The instructions for Unconscious patients were revised to make Breathing Verification Diagnostic use mandatory.  
New in PPDS v6.2
Protocols 101 ABDUCTION, 106 ASSAULT, 110 BURGLARY, and 126 ROBBERY:  New Critical Apprehension Description Essential (CADE) tool was added for certain in-progress and just-happened incidents. 

Use of CADE can expand based on user feedback from this initial release.
Protocol 104 ALARMS:  
Major revisions were made to include new Determinant Codes, Sub-Chief Complaints, suffixes, and Key Question sequences.  
Protocol 113
Determinant Code, Key Question sequence, definition, and Axiom have been added for CIVIL MATTER incidents. 
Protocol 122 MISCELLANEOUS: 
 Determinant Code, Key Question sequence, Special Definition, and PDI have been added for curfew violations.  
Protocol 128 SUPPLEMENTAL: Revisions include new Determinant Codes, Sub-Chief Complaints, definition, and Rule, including NCIC vehicle and person recovery incidents. 
New in PPDS v6.1
Protocol 114
The Jurisdictionally Approved Question, “Was anyone strangled or choked?” can now be turned off separately in associated Chief Complaint Protocols.  
Protocol 121 MENTAL DISORDER (Behavioral Problems):  
Suspect caller Key Question pathway now allows the EPD to complete the interrogation with the initial caller as long as the caller responds to questions appropriately and communicates with clarity.  
ALPHA- and BRAVO-level codes now dispatch at the end of Key Questions.  
New in FPDS v7.0
Global:  The DLS Link "X-Card" was changed to "Routine Disconnect."
Protocol 61 HAZMAT:  Two new Key Questions added for Chemical suicide incidents to determine CONTAINED or UNCONTAINED status.  
Protocol 71 VEHICLE FIRE:  Comment box added to the alternative fuel Key Question to record the type of fuel.  
Protocol 77 MOTOR VEHICLE COLLISION:  The 77-D-7 Determinant Descriptor was changed to clarify that it includes a single motorcycle incident. 

We want to thank you for being a valued Priority Dispatch customer and partnering with us to continually improve emergency dispatch around the globe.

Adam Hinckley
VP of Sales & Marketing
(801) 363-9127