Announcing MPDS v13.3
The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch ® (IAED TM ) is pleased to announce the release of Medical Priority Dispatch System TM v13.3.

We've highlighted some of the MANY important updates and additions to this protocol version below.

Please request the MPDS v13.3 update guide for complete details of this important release.
MPDS v13.3 New Version Release
COVID-19 EIDS Tool Update:  The workflow through the EIDS Tool has been improved and specific messages regarding the assessment findings are now sent to responders via Urgent CAD Message.
New Protocol 39:  ACTIVE ASSAILANT (SHOOTER)   added with associated Fast Track and critical caller instructions.  
THREATENED MISCARRIAGE and STILLBIRTH incidents  are better managed with new Sub-Chief Complaints and workflows.  
Case Exit Protocol: 
 New scripts for 3 rd and 4 th party callers.  
Protocol 9:  A new Rule 7 has been added regarding providing CPR in case an airborne-transmitted communicable disease is suspected or confirmed in an adult patient. 
  Protocol 23:  The KQs regarding Narcan (naloxone) availability will now be asked if the KQ “What did s/he take?” was answered as “Other (unlisted):” and the patient was unconscious or not alert. 
Protocol 23:  A new Rule 6 has been added to specify that when substances in addition to narcotics have been taken, the narcotics answer option should be chosen to ensure scene safety and appropriate DLS instruction.  
Protocol YN:  A new CPR PAI protocol has been added for newborn/neonate patients with tracheostomy.  
We commend your continued heroic work on the front lines at this time. Thank you for taking care of our citizens and first responders as together we work to manage this unprecedented outbreak.


International Academies of Emergency Dispatch
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