P.R.A.Y.’s website has a new feature, the “Community Hub.” The Community Hub is a place for you to post your comments and share your ideas so that others in the P.R.A.Y. community can benefit. Nearly 4000 RP3 patches have been earned since 2015. We know there are RP3 teachers who have valuable experience to share. We encourage you to visit the Community Hub and share your best practices. For those of you just starting the program with lots of questions, we encourage you to ask your questions online. Let’s get the P.R.A.Y. Community helping each other!

Please note, you will have to login to your P.R.A.Y. online account in order to be able to post comments. Be sure to “Watch Forum” to know when additional comments are posted.
Thank you for helping to build a RP3 network on our Community Hub!