Early CHOICES has created an online learning module to review the Early Childhood Outcomes in Illinois. This module reviews the three Early Childhood Outcomes that are used to help measure the impact early childhood intervention has on a child’s ability to have positive social relationships, acquire and use knowledge and skills and take appropriate action to meet their needs. The module includes timelines, assessments, decision making tools and an activity to walk through rating a child for the Child Outcome Summary form

Resources to support understanding ECO
A Reflection Guide accompanies the module to capture notes and document reflections throughout the module. 

The decision tree and ECO Application along with many Illinois and national tools are highlighted.
Easy to use!
The online learning module is self paced in several small sections
Illinois school districts are welcome to use this module for professional learning and provide their own professional educator licensure (PEL) credit.

ECO Requirements
Each state is required to submit early childhood outcomes data to the Office of Special Education (OSEP) each year. Each student, ages 3-5, with an IEP receives a progress rating yearly in the areas of positive social emotional skills, ​acquisition​ and use of knowledge and skills, and use of appropriate behaviors to meet needs. By collecting outcomes data, programs should utilize the data to make changes to educational programming to ensure positive results.