Dear friends,
This past year has been exceptionally challenging for everyone, and in particular for faith communities. At Shir Tikvah, we have embraced science and followed CDC guidelines, which has meant we have been unable to gather in person for services and simchas and funerals and religious school and so much more for nearly a year. But, our Board of Trustees, clergy, and staff have worked hard to ensure that we found alternative ways to connect and pray together, including for High Holy Days. Our worship has been different, but nevertheless beautiful and Shabbat in the Cloud has allowed us to be inclusive in ways we have not been able to achieve before.
One of the other cycles of congregational life that has required adaptation is the nomination and election of board members at our annual meeting. Last year, for the first time, we held our annual meeting virtually, which actually resulted in more people participating than in prior years. With the guidance of our clergy, staff and Board, we have met the challenges of the current pandemic, ensuring that our congregation remains organizationally and financially healthy.
The Board of Trustees has held monthly Zoom meetings, and we have been blessed to have strong leadership during this time of crisis. And we will need strong leadership to continue to guide us in the coming year.
As chairs of the Nominations Committee, we will be leading the process to prepare and submit a slate of Board candidates for congregational approval at the annual meeting. While in the past, the Nominations Committee has recruited potential board members from the congregation for open board seats, we are taking a first step toward a new, more transparent and open nominations process. As part of this new process, we invite you, as members of the congregation, to apply or encourage someone you know to apply, by completing a short application. As a Board, we believe an open process of “self-nomination” is more in alignment with who we are as a congregation.
To that end, we are pleased to invite interested members of the congregation to submit an application for three open board positions we need to fill this year. Below you will find a description of the responsibilities, and a link to complete the application.
Over the next few months, the Nominations Committee will review applications and speak with interested candidates, then present the finalized slate of candidates to the Board of Trustees by April 1, 2021. Please submit your application no later than February 28, 2021.
We thank all of you for your commitment to and participation in this holy community. If you have questions, please reach out to Jeff Danovsky or Bonnie Westlin.

Bonnie Westlin & Jeff Danovsky
Nominations Committee Co-Chairs