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Each week in our newsletters, we will ask a question pertaining to one of our vendors. Simply "reply" to the email with your answer, and you'll be entered to win a prize.

Question of the Week: Leuze Electronic offers our customers an extensive line of ____ and corresponding accessories for industrial automation.
( Hint )
The World's First Edge Programmable Industrial Controller
The Opto 22 EPIC is a brand-new I/O and control system built for the future of automation and designed for the way you work. It includes:
  • Guaranteed-for-life I/O
  • Flexible Linux®-based controller with gateway functions
  • High-resolution touchscreen
  • Two independent network interfaces
  • USB and HDMI ports
  • Software, and more.
The EPIC combines I/O, control, data processing, and visualization into one secure, maintainable, edge-of-network industrial system.
Announcing: Cognex DataMan 474
The new DataMan 474 barcode reader has seven powerful processing cores, enabling it to run multiple algorithms and processes in parallel at astonishing speeds. It reads challenging 1D and 2D codes in varied locations, as well as multiple mixed symbologies simultaneously while maintaining the highest decode rates. It is also 12 bits, which can can capture clearer images that are 16x more detailed than 8-bit sensors.
  • High-speed code reading
  • Varied location code reading
  • Mixed symbology, multi-code reading
  • Large field of view, large & greater depth of field
  • Faster line speeds
  • Improved code handling
  • 99.9% read rates for optimal throughput and traceability
The DataMan 474 easily solves challenging applications such as automotive component traceability, tire identification, airport baggage handling, automated sorting, and more.
HDR+ technology enables DataMan 474 to read an increased range of codes
than is possible with conventional or other HDR technologies.
New Stronguard Modular Robot Fencing Line
Swivellink Stronguard is some of the best guarding on the market. If you're looking for strength, modularity, and easy assembly, then the line can offer you a lot. Stronguard is a powder-coated industrial guarding line built to solve 2 needs in automation and manufacturing:
  • Modularity: the design allows products to be stocked on the shelf and assembled quickly; no more waiting for custom guarding.
  • Strength: Stronguard was designed and manufactured with durability, longevity, and strength in mind; no more weak guarding in your plant.
Dog Spotlight-
Meet Mojo
Presenting: our fourth Dog Spotlight!
If you've visited our office before, then you already know that we are a pup-friendly workplace. We've decided to feature one of the ACS dogs every other month to let you "meet" them too.

What would you like to know about engineer Jeremiah Thompson's dog Mojo?

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