Our Endorsement for Mayor of Newton

Dear Friend,

We are writing today to announce our endorsement in the upcoming mayoral election. After carefully reviewing questionnaire responses from the two final candidates, our Steering Committee has chosen to endorse Ruthanne Fuller for re-election as Mayor of Newton.

Mayor Fuller has been a consistent leader on the issues that Voters for a Vibrant Newton (VVN) prioritizes. In her four years as Mayor, she has:

  • Demonstrated her commitment to our goal of adding to our affordable housing stock, through her vocal support for the Northland project, and the procurement of the West Newton Armory to be used for 100% affordable housing units.

  • Been a leader on the environment, implementing the City’s first ever Climate Action Plan; instituting Newton PowerChoice, with a default 80% electricity from renewable sources; built 17 new solar arrays; and converted numerous buildings from fossil to renewable energy.


  • Maintained the vibrancy of our village centers by working with our small business community to help them adapt to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, including increased outdoor dining and temporary elimination of parking fees.

Based on her track record, as well as the goals she has outlined for a second term, we are delighted to endorse Mayor Ruthanne Fuller. We hope you will join us in supporting her re-election. 

About VVN

Curious about VVN? We are a Political Action Committee that believes Newton can become a more vital and welcoming city by taking steps to create a more diverse and accessible community. Our mission, as well as a complete list of all our Steering Committee members is right on our website. Just click here!

Voting Information

There are multiple ways you can cast your ballot this year:

  • In-person voting from 7:00am-8:00pm on Tuesday, November 2nd. Not sure what your polling location is? No problem! Click here to find out.

Councilor at-Large Endorsements

The following candidates will be on the ballot for Councilor at-Large seats, and have been endorsed by VVN. Voters residing anywhere in Newton can vote for each of these candidates. (Note: you may vote for two at-Large candidates per ward.)

Ward One: Alison Leary

Ward Three: Andrea Kelley

Ward Three: Meryl Kessler

Ward Five: Deb Crossley

Ward Five: Andreae Downs

Ward Six: Alicia Bowman

Ward Six: Vicki Danberg

Ward Councilor Endorsements

The following candidates have been endorsed by VVN. These candidates will only be on the ballot in their ward, and therefore only voters who reside in their respective wards may vote for them.

Ward One: Maria Scibelli Greenberg

Ward Three: Jim Cote

Ward Five: Bill Humphrey

Ward Six: Brenda Noel

We hope you will join us in supporting these candidates. Thank you.


Team VVN