We are excited to welcome St. Clair Superior Development Corporation's new Executive Director, Jeremy Taylor!
Jeremy Taylor is a visionary leader and committed community organizer with almost six years of experience serving Cleveland neighborhoods as the Director of Community Involvement of Northwest Neighborhoods CDC, formerly known as Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization. Jeremy had one goal: to learn the best practices of high-functioning CDCs to one day bring that knowledge and experience to Cleveland's east side neighborhoods. During his time at Northwest Neighborhoods CDC, Jeremy worked on projects that empowered residents through participatory budgeting and a safety advisory committee. He also worked to cultivate relationships with stakeholder groups of residents, businesses and faith-based groups. While serving those communities, Jeremy strove to be innovative in approaching issues and inequalities inherent in large cities.

Jeremy is, and has always been, a stalwart champion of Cleveland’s northeast side. He is the first and current President of the Hough Community Land Trust and a board member of Bike Cleveland and Neighborhood Solutions Inc. As a contributor to the Cleveland Observer community newspaper, Jeremy enjoys writing articles highlighting the east side’s robust historical significance. He is passionate about Cleveland's east side community and envisions accessible and connected neighborhoods where residents and business owners are both engaged and empowered. He has been a resident of the St. Clair Superior neighborhood since purchasing his first house here in 2020. Prior to permanently laying his roots in St. Clair Superior through homeownership, Jeremy lived in the adjacent historical Hough neighborhood. His family has lived there for over 17 years and is active civically in the community. He is a proud alumnus of the Central State University where he holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Jeremy is humbled and excited by the opportunity to now serve the neighborhood he holds dear and calls home. In his spare time, he likes to explore the Cleveland Metroparks, ride his bicycle on Cleveland’s streets, golf and read. 

The Board of Directors of St. Clair Superior Development Corporation is excited that Jeremy has joined the organization and feels that he is the right person to lead us forward in our brand new community strategic plan, which will be unveiled in January.
Join us at our Community Zoom next month on Wednesday, November 17th at 6pm to meet Jeremy. Zoom details will be shared in our next Spotlight... stay tuned!