January 5, 2021

New, software-enabled service will review over 1300 regulatory data points to help food companies with their readiness for FDA enforcement of the new NFP format.
Washington D.C., (Jan. 5, 2021) - Prime Label Consultants, Inc. (PLC) today announced Label IQ, a new, software-enabled nutrition facts panel review service for USDA and FDA compliance. Label IQ combines PLC's EZ Form nutrition software and in-house food label experts in a highly efficient review of both quantitative and qualitative features of the Nutrition Facts Panel.

The integration of software and human reviews creates an unmatched resource for label compliance just in time for the start of enforcement by the Food and Drug Administration of the new Nutrition Facts Panel format January 2021.
"This new service combines two core competencies of PLC into one highly efficient NFP review service - EZ Form technology and our label consulting services. Using the unmatched logic of our EZ Form nutrition software for an initial review of the quantitative elements of a label, the analysis is followed by an expert consultant's review of the subjective elements. In all, we check over 1,300 data points on a typical nutrition facts label in a very efficient manner," said Christina Bechtold, CEO of PLC. "The result is a highly comprehensive NFP review, at a modest cost."

Over the past four years, PLC has cataloged the most common and egregious nutrition facts panel errors and has found that 3 out of every 4 panels have at least one error. The service delivers a report that identifies mistakes in five key categories - panel type, servings, content, proofing, and graphics - and classifies them into red and yellow risk levels, so that corrections are easy to implement and rework decisions can be made on a cost/benefit basis. The service checks for common and serious errors, such as mistakes applying the new dual column labeling requirements, serving size inconsistencies and compliance with FDA's latest guidance on vitamin rounding.

"It can be time consuming to check each detail of the Facts Panel - from calculating percent daily values to graphics and format. Label IQ will give food companies a reliable assessment of their readiness for FDA regulatory enforcement in a cost-effective manner," said Dr. Jesse Zuehlke, PLC's General Manager. "We believe this software-enabled review service will satisfy the requirements of both the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Compliance Officer of a food brand at the same time. That is a win-win for our clients."

Clients can initiate service in three easy steps - visiting the Label IQ order form, uploading Label Artwork and serving information, and submitting the order. The price of the service varies from $99 to $149 per panel, depending on the type selected. For a limited time Label IQ is introducing the service with a 50% off discount just as FDA starts its enforcement activity.

For more information, visit the Label IQ order form or email Jesse Zuehlke at

About Prime Label Consultants
Prime Label Consultants (PLC) has been helping companies navigate food labeling since 1972. As a full-service consulting firm, PLC leverages almost 50 years of food and beverage regulatory and nutrition expertise in client support ranging from general guidance to complete project development. The combination of systems, automation, training and expertise results in an unparalleled level of compliance, efficiency and cost savings for our customers.

PLC is an industry leader in nutrition labeling compliance and software, working directly with 7 of the top 10 and about half of the top 100 food manufacturers in the United States. Globally, the firm has had over 3,500 clients for both FDA and USDA regulated products and has hosted the nation's premier food labeling conference since 1989.

About EZ Form Software
EZ Form's expert systems automate FDA, USDA and Canadian label compliance. Its Nutrition Navigator regulatory engine analyzes nutrients, determines serving sizes, formats panels and assesses nutrient & health claims eligibility. In addition, EZ Form tracks allergens, bioengineering & organic status, child nutrition credits, restricted ingredients, USDA-specific elements, Kosher & ADA exchange calculations as well as provides label regulations and ingredients databases.
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