December 2019 Newsletter
Announcing Pick-it Robotic Vision Systems
Power/mation is pleased to announce the addition of Pick-it as our primary vision system to expand our Robotics solution offering. Pick-it will be a useful tool for applications such as bin picking parts for assembly and depalletizing product.

Click here to download The Guide to Bin Picking in Automotive and get started with Pick-it!

For more information on Pick-it and all of their capabilities, watch the videos below or visit their website.
Multifunction Pendant Improves Communication for Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Add two-way communication and operator guidance capabilities anywhere you need it using the Direct Select™ wireless operator interface. This versatile device combines a three-digit display, high-visibility status indication, and multiple input controls in one battery-powered device. Users can send and receive information, direct actions, track performance, and monitor equipment from a convenient location.

Learn more from Banner Engineering .
PS+ Pressure Sensors

Check out the new video for the just-launched PS+ pressure sensors. The PS+ can be programmed to indicate a pressure drop to the controller as soon as the pressure falls below the preset value. The sensors promise easy commissioning for maximum system availability .

Read more from Turck .
Hybrid Motor Starter from Phoenix Contact 

Phoenix Contact introduces CONTACTRON pro, a hybrid motor starter that simplifies wiring and safety integration. The CONTACTRON pro has a T-bus backplane system that rapidly distributes 24 V power, bridges the e-stop enable signal, and adds auxiliary contact modules.

The auxiliary contact modules allow feedback of the motor state and implementation of self-sealing motor circuits. When used with the PSR-MC38 safety relay, the CONTACTRON pro can easily permit a SIL 3/PLe group of emergency shutdowns via one interface.

Learn more from Phoenix Contact.

Also, a special mention to Phoenix Contact for being named in the 2020 Engineers' Choice Finalists!
Handling Systems

Festo offers handling systems for a huge range of applications in handling and assembly technology. From standard solutions for all common automation technology applications through to customized solutions for your own very specific requirements.

Learn more about Festo Handling Systems with the Handling Guide Online . Click the brochure for more details about the entire lineup.
TracXP Water and Wastewater Treatment Guide from Macurco Gas Detection

Download the application guide here . The document helps engineers, contractors, installers and integrators provide suitable gas detection systems for water and
wastewater treatment facilities.

Learn more about the TracXP TXP-T40 from Marcurco on their website .
New Webinar now available from RRAMAC

Continuous improvement is a journey, and Industry 4.0 is the fastest way to get there. The journey starts with simple dashboards and text alerts, then moves on to downtime analytics, efficiency calculations, and condition monitoring. Artificial intelligence adds the ability to predict failures, optimize performance, and prescribe solutions. The question is, does your company have the time, capital, and expertise to take this journey alone?

  • The potential benefits of leveraging Industry 4.0
  • The downside of a zero connectivity policy for industrial equipment
  • How to select a secure connectivity architecture that fits your specific needs including options for cloud hosting, on-premise hosting, and data diodes

Power/mation wishes you a safe and happy holiday season this year! We'll be closed on December 24-25 and January 1 to spend the holidays with our friends and family.

And finally, a big thank you to our customers for a great decade of mutual success! We'll see you in 2020!
Updated for 2020
Power/mation conducts customer training sessions and participates in relevant trade shows on a regular basis. Check out our website to see a complete list of our upcoming schedule and to register.

New for 2020 - Power/mation will now offer on-demand training courses from our existing offering for small groups. If your team is interested in a session, visit our Training & Events page for more details.
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December Price Adjustments
KB Electronics (12/1/19)
Maple Systems (12/1/19)
Lovejoy (12/16/19)

January Price Adjustments
ABB Drives (1/1/20)
Adelet (1/1/20)
Allied Moulded (1/1/20)
Ametek (1/1/20)
Eaton (1/1/20)
Elwood Motors (1/1/20)
Encoder (1/1/20)
Eurotherm (1/1/20)
Lenze (1/1/20)
Nexen (1/1/20)
Noshok (1/1/20)
Rees (1/1/20)
Tolomatic (1/1/20)
Transcoil (1/1/20)
Watlow (1/1/20)
Red Lion (1/6/20)
Phoenix Contact (1/30/20)

February Price Adjustments
SSAC Littelfuse (2/1/20)
Inertia Dynamics (2/3/20)
Warner Electric (2/3/20)