A Letter from the Wardens
Announcing Search Committee
On behalf of your vestry, it is our pleasure to announce the newly formed search committee for St. George’s next rector. We would like to thank our congregation for their recent and broad participation in nominating parish members to be considered for the search committee. The wardens received over 60 nominations, which is a testament to our robust, caring, and vibrant church. The vestry carried out a transparent and discerning process when electing this exemplary group. These committee members have been prayerfully selected and are looking forward to leading the process of determining the best candidate for St. George’s future.

This task will begin immediately and will be a priority for the church in the coming months. In the near future members of the church will be encouraged to participate in the process, including a survey. The search for our next rector will be a thorough and diligent one that will take time and discernment.  

Please congratulate the search committee and support them through your prayers and thoughts in the coming weeks and months. They have embraced a responsibility that is ours to share. With God’s guidance we look forward to this next chapter in St. George’s life.
Search Committee 
John Abernathy
Katie Agnew
Jason Callen (co-chair)
Bob Christenberry
James Hundley
Paige Menge
David Moroney
Amy Norton (co-chair)
Dana Sherrard
Carolyn Sorenson
Andrew Ward

Craig Laine
Senior Warden
Charlotte Ward
Junior Warden
615-385-2150 stgeorgesnashville.org