Keynote Speakers

Dr. Michael West
CEO, BioTime Inc

Suzanne Somers
Co-founder Partner in Lifewave Technology & Medical Energetics

Dr Robert Reis
Professor of Geriatrics, Biochemistry/Mol.Biol., and Pharmacology,  University of Arkansas

Dr. Michael Rose
Director and Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology,  University of California

Dmitry Kaminskiy
Managing Partner, Deep Knowledge Ventures

Selected Guest Speakers
  • Bill Faloon, Director and Co-Founder, Life Extension Foundation
  • James Strole, Director, Coalition for Radical Life Extension
  • Dr. Thomas Cowan, Founding Board member, Weston A. Price Foundation™
  • Dr. Ben Goertzel, Chief Scientific Officer, Hanson Robotics
  • Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Co-Founder and CSO, SENS Research Foundation
  • Dr. Terry Grossman, Founder, Grossman Wellness Center
  • Dr. Greg Fahy, Chief Scientific Officer, 21CM
  • Dr. Mark Gordon, Owner and Medical Director, Millenium-TBI
  • Dr. Dip Maharaj, Founder and Medical Director, South Florida Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant Institute
  • Dr. Ron Rothenberg, Medical Director, California HealthSpan Institute
  • Dr. Ward Dean, Medical Director, International Anti-Aging Systems
  • Didier Coeurnelle Heales, Co-President, and Board Member, International Longevity Alliance

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Contact: Jim Strole, Director 
Phone: 480.345.6554

RAADfest combines the energy and fun of a festival, the empowerment and interaction of personal development, with cutting edge science presented for a lay audience to create the first and best holistic radical life extension event ever.

Hear from top scientists, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders addressing every aspect of radical life extension, from nutrition and new gene therapies, to the power of personal intention, the sociology of immortality and advancement in artificial intelligence.

You will also have the opportunity to interact with our experts as well as share your own views.

Join us for the largest ever gathering of radical life extension enthusiasts to:
  • Learn the latest scientific advancements.
  • Connect with like minded people.
  • Gain vital insights to extend your health and wellbeing.
  • Become a more empowered and effective advocate.
  • Interact with leaders of radical life extension.
  • Have a blast celebrating our unlimited future together with music and performances.

Watch special clips from last years longevity conference

Presented by Coalition for Radical Life Extension
A not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization

Attendees travel to San Diego from across the globe to attend RAADfest:

Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Brasil, Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, United States, Venezuela

Established in 1980, the Life Extension Foundation is a nonprofit organization, whose long-range goal is to radically extend the healthy human lifespan by discovering scientific methods to control aging and eradicate disease. One of the largest organizations of its kind in the world, the Life Extension Foundation has always been at the forefront of discovering new scientific breakthroughs for use in developing novel disease prevention and treatment protocols to improve the quality and length of human life. Through its private funding of research programs aimed at identifying and developing new therapies to slow and even reverse the aging process, the Life Extension Foundation seeks to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, such age-related killers as heart disease, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

Life Extension Foundation is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, established by co-founders Saul Kent and William Faloon in 1980. Its primary purpose is to fund research and disseminate information on life extension, preventive medicine, anti-aging and optimal health as well as sports performance, with a focus on hormonal and nutritional supplementation, deriving much of its income from the sale of vitamins and supplements. Life Extension Foundation has accomplished over 190 pioneering achievements. 

Life Extension is the largest longevity foundation, having contributed over $175 Million to groundbreaking research and innovations.  Historic breakthroughs include:
  • 1981: First to introduce DHEA to delay systemic aging 
  • 1983: First to introduce Aspirin to prevent heart attack
  • 1983: First to introduce CoQ10 to reverse heart failure
  • 1986: First to introduce Deprenyl to delay brain aging
  • 1992: First to introduce Melatonin to improve immunity
  • and more... 
Life Extension Foundation has over 100,000 members and each month mails 300,000 copies of Life Extension Magazine to newsstands, subscribers, and members.

To promote Life Extension's innovative medical concepts, William Faloon, President & Co-Founder has been featured in hundreds of media appearances including The Phil Donahue Show, The Joan Rivers Show, Tony Brown's Journal, ABC News Day One, and Newsweek magazine.

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President & CEO
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