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Linear Optical Technology®

for 1/1.8" Sensors!

Theia's Linear Optical Technology® will soon be available for larger sensors – up to 1/1.8”! The new MY23F 2.3mm lens provides a 116° horizontal field of view on a 1/1.8" sensor without the fisheye or barrel distortion of typical wide-angle lenses. The patented distortion correction technology corrects distortion in the image without software, or its inherent latency. The new ruggedized lens is engineered with a metal structure and provides a focus lock mechanism to increase shock and vibration resistance. The fixed iris lens is NIR corrected for hyperspectral imaging & Day/Night cameras. The lens comes in a versatile M12/C mount (MY23F) or a CS (SY23F) mount option. Production units will be available in October 2022. Contact us for more information.

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Selecting the right lens for your application depends on many factors including desired field of view, required image resolution, and day/night capability, among others. To assist in lens selection, Theia has developed a Lens Selector Tool to help you filter through lenses. 

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