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External Research Project Selection
After receiving a number of research submissions in December, the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) has matched six exciting potential external research projects with enthusiastic VTrans Champions. All six projects received Letters of Interest from universities on our Qualified Researcher List and are moving forward! We expect to receive proposals in March. We are excited about the breadth and depth these potential research projects represent and look forward to brief presentations by each Champion at our Bureau Directors Selection Meeting in early April.

The 6 potential research projects include:
  • Quantifying Correlations Between Winter Severity, Road Conditions, and VTrans’ Snow and Ice Control Activities
  • Evaluation of Stripping Potential Tests for Bituminous Concrete
  • Cost Optimized Performance Structural Concrete
  • Effectiveness pf Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons at Mid-block Crosswalks
  • Equitable and Efficient Renewable-Transportation Investments in Rural Areas
  • Fish Passage Baffle Discharge Equations and Discharge Coefficients
Don't Miss the Deadline
The State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) will be accepting proposals for 2020 STIC Incentive Awards and 2020 Peer Exchanges until April 3. For more information about this program and application details, please visit our innovation page.
Featured Projects of this Quarter

Each quarter we highlight research projects and innovations happening throughout Vermont and New England. The VTrans Research web site includes links to previous newsletters, the 2019 Research and Innovation Showcase site, the 2017 and 2018 Research Symposiums, and completed reports

This quarter we feature:
  • Two projects with recent scholarly journal articles
  • One final report of a recently completed project
  • Two Accelerated Innovation grant projects
  • Two State Transportation Innovation Council awards
Examining the Potential Impacts of Maintenance Investment and Capital Reinvestment in Vermont's Roadway Infrastructure Network
Examining how strategic disinvestment in road infrastructure can help vulnerable populations.

This project was recently featured in a journal article and you can view the final report here.
Traffic Signs: Detection and Geospatial Localization
Learn how leveraging datasets can help accurately identify and locate road assets to inform maintenance plans.
For more information visit here .

Implementation of Intelligent Compaction (IC) for Pavement Construction in Vermont
Creating guidelines and recommendations to leverage Intelligent Compaction data today can pave the way for Vermont’s future pavement projects.
Read the final report here.

Learn more about the project here.
Implementation of Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) along an Urban Traffic Signal Corridor: Real Time Traffic Information through Bluetooth Deployment
Implementing remote communications along a major corridor to improve traffic flow while measuring the performance of traffic signals using Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs).

Learn more here.
Advanced Geotechnical Methods of Exploration (A-GaME)
Learn how VTrans’ Geotechnical Section is using a STIC Incentive Award to increase their awareness and usage of underutilized technologies, including geophysical techniques, to supplement information obtained during traditional subsurface exploration programs.

Learn more about the FHWA's A-GaME project here.
Nationwide Monarch Butterfly Candidate Conservation Agreement (CCA) for Energy and Transportation Lands 
Learn how Vermont is developing best management practices within our transportation infrastructure to create long term habitat for the Monarch Butterfly.

See the project map here.
Combating Corridor Congestion using Bluetooth Technology
A FHWA AID grant utilizes Bluetooth technology to reduce congestion in Chittenden County’s five most congested corridors.

Review the project fact sheet here.
Dr. Emily Parkany, PE, Research Manager
Vermont Agency of Transportation | 802.272.6862 | emily.parkany@vermont.gov http://vtrans.vermont.gov/planning/research